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星露谷物语经历4年的开发,终于在2016年2月26日登陆Windows PC端。 于2016年7月29日更新并兼容Mac OS X端和Linux端。

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Stardew Valley 1.4.5released发布于2020年2月11日。

  • Fixed an issue on Windows where the game would initialize incorrectly and start without audio.
  • Fixed an issue where passable objects, such as torches, could block you from attacking enemies that are standing nearby.
  • 如果捐赠了古代种子而未拿到配方,可找冈瑟索取。
  • Fixed an issue that would allow animals to walk on certain water tiles alongside some bridges.
  • 壁纸不能再代替物品。
  • 修复了简体中文版刘易斯雕塑信件拿不到钱的bug。


Stardew Valley 1.4.4 was released on 31 January 2020.

  • Adjusted dropped item pickups so that they’re more responsive for clients in multiplayer and will “rubber band back” to their previous locations less frequently.
  • Adjusted item collection code so that machines tucked in corners can be refilled without using cursor mode.
  • Added Elliott’s 14-heart not properly working in non-English languages.
  • Fixed a data entry issue that caused some fish ponds to use incorrect data.
  • Fixed the Shrimp Enthusiast Shirt applying the wrong shirt artwork.
  • Fixed a softlock when watching the 2nd Fall movie in a non-English languages.
  • Fixed the cursor not appearing in the level up profession selector if the Controller Style Menus option is toggled off while using a controller.
  • Unsuccessfully crafting an unstackable item while already holding an item on your cursor no longer grants you credit for crafting it.
  • Fixed an issue where Garden Pots would consume seeds without planting them if they were planted from more than a tile away.
  • Fixed the color selector sliders on the Farmhand creation screen having incorrect navigation on controller.
  • Fixed the logic for fruit tree obstruction checking the wrong tile.
  • Fixed the dagger swipe sound effect repeating an extra time in multiplayer if another player is in the same area.
  • Krobus will no longer get jealous if you gift characters you’re dating after he moves in.
  • Penny now leaves Garden Pots alone in her 14 heart event.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Sam’s 6 heart event to soft-lock.
  • The game now re-issues the player the Qi’s Challenge quest if they had previously opened the mail, but dismissed it without accepting the quest.
  • Items placed in an ex’s room are now collected and placed in a chest after divorce.
  • You can no longer give away quest items or non-giftable items during the Feast of the Winter Star.
  • Adjusted some NPC gift reactions (Vincent and Jas now hate Triple Shot Espresso, Dwarf now loves Lemon Stone, and Sam now likes concession stand Joja Cola.)
  • Adjusted Desert map so that crab pots placed in the water no longer render incorrectly, and objects can no longer be placed on top of the Desert Trader.
  • Removed Catfish from Willy’s fishing quests during Winter, as it’s impossible to catch one without a Rain Totem.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on the host when a client connects to a game that was set to Friends or Invite Only that is now being hosted on a platform that doesn’t support those online modes.
  • Fixed incorrectly looping ambient noise in the Deep Woods at night.
  • Fixed an issue where the Japanese localization’s dialogue for a spouse watering your crops would incorrectly show both gender variants of the text.
  • Fixed the Simplified Chinese localization incorrectly showing Sunflower Seeds as a Fall only crop.
  • Removed the ‘<‘ from the Simplified Chinese localization of the “Pet loves you” dialogue.
  • Fixed an issue where Junimos would show an empty text bubble when bringing a bundle to the Junimo Hut after completing a bundle in Simplified Chinese or Korean.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing the Junimo Note before learning to read it would cause certain text to permanently display much larger in the Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean localizations
  • Filled in some missing characters in the Korean fonts. This fixes some instances where an asterisk appears instead of a Korean character.
  • Fixed a minor typo in Grandpa’s Note in the Korean localization.


Stardew Valley 1.4.3 was released on 13 December 2019.

  • Fixed an issue where you could collect multiples of a bundles reward in the community center if you closed the menu without collecting them.
  • Fixed an issue where naming your pet the name of an NPC could have your pet appear on the calendar on that NPC’s birthday.
  • Fixed an item duplication exploit when using the add to existing stacks button on an inventory with a full stack.
  • 修改了一些土耳其语翻译。
  • Fixed a bug in the Crafting Menu that could cause extra resources to be consumed in certain situations.
  • Adjusted the Four Corners farm map to fix layering issue with buildings.
  • Fixed a bug where you could enter the Wizard's Tower before unlocking the Community Center.
  • Taking a map screenshot while the option to show menu backgrounds is on will no longer render the menu in the screenshot.
  • Fixed an issue causing certain wallpapers to grant a Lost Book when selected in the Catalogue.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get your grange score immediately after asking Lewis to judge your grange during the Stardew Valley Fair.


Stardew Valley 1.4.2 was released on 4 December 2019.

  • Reverted placement rules introduced in 1.4.1 which prevented players from placing flooring or torches on their spouse's porch tiles. Instead, spouses now ignore flooring and will "pop off" any torches that are placed on those tiles when they move there in the morning.
  • Fixed the Crane Game crashing when it loads on Mac.
  • Fixed workbenches not pulling items from chests that are on rugs.
  • Fixed Robin staying in bed if she was upgrading certain buildings on game load.
  • Fixed a bug where buying a magic rock candy, exiting to title, and then reloading the game would cause the candy to not re-appear in the shop.
  • Fixed a crash when mashing the dialogue advance buttons while transitioning between maps during an event.
  • Fixed another way the club smash could cause the player to get "stuck" holding out a weapon.
  • Fixed some issues where non-user-initiated mouse movements could cause changes in mouse button states to not register.
  • Fixed a potential soft-lock if you passed out on another player's bed.
  • Fixed the screen being partially faded out when Demetrius comes to ask about the farm cave.
  • Fixed an issue where characters would greet you via speech bubble even if they weren't in the same location (e.g. Elliot welcoming you into his shack even though he's standing at the beach).
  • Fixed being able to perform certain actions (like using a Return Scepter) during overnight farm events.
  • Fixed farmers who are knocked out while holding an item not properly showing the knocked-out animation.
  • Fixed an issue where the tool being upgraded at Clint's could be set to an invalid value, causing Lewis to incorrectly send you a set of tools every night.
  • Clicking the emoji menu toggle button on gamepad no longer shows the onscreen keyboard.
  • Adjusted rumble on third-party controllers. This may not fully solve issues on certain third-party controllers, but will at least prevent states where the rumble is stuck on.


Stardew Valley 1.4.1 (previously known as, but renamed for compatibility with SMAPI) was released on 2 December 2019.

New features
  • Added Gamepad Mode to the options menu. This has three values: "auto" (default) switches between keyboard/mouse depending on the last input; "force on" forces the game to use gamepad logic, similar to earlier versions of Stardew Valley; and "force off" disables the gamepad and can be used if you only play the game using keyboard/mouse.
  • You can now buy the museum 稻草人s from the 冬季的夜市 after you've unlocked them.
  • Some non-spouse NPC's now have custom movie ticket acceptance dialogue (in English only).
Balance changes
  • Explosive Ammo now costs 300g each in the 冒險家公會, won't appear until you've unlocked the crafting recipe, and now only explodes with a 2-tile radius instead of 3.
  • 現在只能每個星期四在 沙漠商人處買一支 魔法糖冰棍
  • 銥礦石 蘊藏量的上升速度在100層以上的骷髏洞穴會變得更慢。
  • Weapon cooldowns now only happen if game time should pass.
Other changes
  • 現在即使在物品欄全滿的情況下,仍可購買食譜 。
  • 潘妮's 14-heart event no longer removes placed dressers. Furniture that was supposed to be placed in an occupied tile is now added to the same chests Penny puts your objects in.
  • 文森特 現在喜歡 蝸牛.
  • Adjusted shorts easter egg to give precedence to any normal interactions with the NPCs it affects (gifting, completing a quest, etc).
  • Slightly optimized debris code.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed farmhands' separate wallets resetting to 500g if the host was playing on Linux or Mac.
  • Fixed the incorrect ordering of NPC gift tastes, so tastes should now match 1.3.
  • Fixed trash bear appearing on festival days (which could cause a potential crash).
  • Fixed an issue where reclaiming the Insect Head, Neptune's Glaive, Forest Sword, or Carving Knife from Marlon would cause Clint to appear to be upgrading that weapon, losing any tool already being upgraded.
  • Fixed problem harvesting crops with the golden scythe.
  • Fixed being able to warp into the sewer on your horse, causing you to warp into the void.
  • Fixed an issue allowing torches and flooring to be placed on the spouses's porch position, so they couldn't come outside.
  • Fixed the golden scythe still appearing on the reaper after you've already received it.
  • Fixed a minor issue where players who have connected to a game and are creating a character while an achievement triggers would send a message saying "- has earned the '(Achievement Name)' achievement."
  • Fixed a hole in the refurbished saloon room, which let players walk out of the map boundaries.
  • Fixed an issue where a farmhand entering a freshly built cabin could cause the farmhand that owns it to spawn in the upper-left corner of the main farmer's farmhouse.
  • Fixed fish pond silhouettes being incorrect after clearing the pond in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a typo causing plant seeds being removed from the inventory when unsuccessfully attempting to plant them outside of the farm.
  • Fixed pre-1.4 untyped "Honey" items that were misnamed "Wild Honey"; they're now just converted to "Wild Honey" that stacks with other "Wild Honey" items.
  • Fixed a crash when Tree Fertilizer recipe is added to a save that already has it.
  • Fixed the dove subplot enemy leaving visual trails on the host's machine regardless of the location they were in.
  • Fixed non-synchronization of items recovered from Marlon at the Adventurer's Guild.
  • Fixed the display name of Flounder in Russian being the same as Halibut.
  • Fixed a botched after-movie dialogue from Evelyn.
  • Fixed the direction of the fold on the Gi clothing items.
  • Fixed tea saplings not being placeable on certain tiles on the farm.
  • Fixed a crash when checking the calendar while engaged to another farmer that is currently disconnected from the game.
  • Fixed problem where you could soft-lock a shop menu in an edge case scenario.
  • Controller fixes:
    • Fixed some inconsistencies with cursor placement when item stowing is on.
    • Fixed an issue where using the trigger buttons to swap pages in the Junimo Bundle menu while holding an item would cause it to be lost.
    • Fixed an issue in the quest log where if you moved the cursor right from the "back" button when viewing a quest description on the second or higher page of the quest log, the cursor would move to an invalid position.
    • Highlighting a dropdown menu option in the options screen on the controller now snaps to the drop down button, no longer obscuring the text.
    • When a dialogue question is asked, the first selectable option is now selected by default in controller mode, regardless of whether the controller-style menus option is enabled.
  • Corrected the fix for the Stardew Valley Fair festival's petting zoo area appearing incorrectly if certain post-game conditions had been unlocked.
  • Added a graceful fail state to the function that gets a wedding for the day in case there's a completely invalid farmer ID in the farmers list (potentially from a removed cabin).
  • Players that could have missed increases to their max health, crafting recipes due to skipping combat skill levels will now earn them on level load.
  • Pending level-ups are now removed from characters as they are applied, instead of all at once at the end of the night. That ensures that a character who gets disconnected/crashes during a level-up can now reapply their level-ups the next time they are connected.
  • Adjusted the requirements to be able to respec a skill at the Statue of Uncertainty to allow users who have "missed levels" to reclaim their missed perks levels using it.
  • Potential fix for switching over to the scythe after using the club slam repeat quirk causing the next used tool to soft-lock the player in place.
  • Fixed various typos.
  • Fixed crash if a location no longer exists in the game, for players with residual mod data in their save file.
  • Fixed the /friendAll debug command granting friendships to NPCs that aren't friendable, which could possibly cause issues on any game mechanics that randomly select a friend (e.g. daily quests).



  • 添加了在游戏后期解锁的电影院,以及相关的内容和功能。
  • 为每个配偶增加了14颗心事件。
  • 添加了新事件和对话(包括卡洛琳的新的爱心事件)。
  • 增加了播放器配备的衣物(代替了以前的衣物外观选项)。
  • 增加了衣服的剪裁和染色。
  • 增加了24种新发型,包括光头。
  • 添加了四角农场地图(意为合作模式,将土地分为四个区域,各有特色)。
  • 添加了鱼塘来繁殖鱼和生产物品。
  • 添加了新物品:
    • 181件衬衫。
    • 35顶帽子。
    • 14条裤子(包括连衣裙,裙子和短裤)。
    • 2双靴子。
    • 38种以及各种方式获得的装饰物品(例如新活动)。
    • 17种新地板选项。
    • 2个新的秘密笔记。
    • 2条鱼:比目鱼和午夜锦鲤。
    • 古物宝藏(可以被克林特打开以获取古物)。
    • 鱼子酱,鱼子和老年鱼子。
    • 黑暗之剑。
    • 豪华稻草人(当您收集齐所有稀有稻草人时,半径增加一倍)。
    • 恐龙蛋黄酱(由恐龙蛋加工而成)。
    • 金色的镰刀
    • 草籽配方(从皮埃尔处购买)
    • 迷你自动点唱机(可以放置在农场或农场建筑物内的任何地方播放以前听过的音乐)。
    • 迷你冰箱(放在里面可以拓展冰箱的容量)。
    • 水稻
    • 海泡布丁(钓鱼,第9级烹饪食谱)。
    • 虾鸡尾酒(酱料女皇第二年冬25日获得配方)。
    • 鱿鱼墨汁。
    • 向日葵花蜜(蜂房获得)。
    • 茶树,茶叶,绿茶。
    • 训练用鱼竿(更容易钓上鱼,但只能钓普通鱼)。
    • 树肥(加速非果树的树木生长)。
    • 传送图腾:沙漠和沙方尖塔。
    • 枯萎花束(由花束制作),给予正在交往的NPC以分手。
    • 工作台(可以使用相邻箱子里的材料进行制造)。
    • 碎木机(将硬木和浮木变成木头)。
  • 一个采石场矿井地牢,有新的骨头鬼魂和污泥怪,以及一把黄金镰刀。
  • 骷髅洞穴的史前层,有新的辣椒霸王龙。
  • 解锁采石场后,矿井1-120层随机出现稀有层,类似采石场矿石地牢。
  • 新增小屋升级(内部空间翻倍)。
  • 新增猫/狗品种,可在创建人物页或幻觉神龛选择。
  • 如果你未婚,科罗布斯可作为你的临时室友。
  • 新增沙漠商人,出售新的物品。
  • 第三年新增垃圾熊,会清理小镇上的垃圾。
  • 新增4个怪物猎杀任务和奖金。
  • 新增4个博物馆收集奖励(捐赠数目35、70、80、90件)。
  • 新增垃圾桶升级,可在克里特处购买(返还所扔物品价值的15-60%的金钱)。
  • 在卡洛琳和皮埃尔的家中新增一个日光浴室。
  • 新增表情展示(默认Y键)。
  • 新增农场建筑:沙方尖塔。
  • 新增冬日地板贴图。
  • 新增将孩子变成鸽子后的隐藏剧情。(剧透:秋26日查看电视,然后到女巫的小屋可看到重复出现的彩蛋,在四角农场可看到一次性彩蛋)。
  • 新增实验性的功能,让客机玩家可以移动建筑。输入/movebuildingpermission指令来触发on选项(客机可移动任何建筑),own选项(只能移动自己的小屋或自己建造的建筑),off选项(默认,即不能移动建筑)。
  • Joja(乔家)超市前方新增一个垃圾桶。
  • 新增地图截屏功能(32-bit Linux系统除外),可从选项菜单或在聊天框内输入/mapscreenshot。截屏会保存在appdata文件夹内;可从选项界面打开。使用指令时,可自定义图片名以及大小,例如: /mapscreenshot test 25
  • 添加了垂直同步选项。 禁用垂直同步可能会提高帧数但也有可能导致画面撕裂。
  • 可以在社交栏中打开NPC概况(查看生日,你在游戏中了解到他们的喜好,等等)。
  • 新增“更多制造信息”选项,能够在制造菜单中显示更多内容(包括制造次数,制造材料存留数量)。
  • 新增新背景乐的原声带文件。
  • 主菜单新增彩蛋。
  • 祝尼魔赛车重置,现在更好玩。
  • 新增可收纳帽子,鞋子,戒指,衣服的梳妆台。
  • 当你捕获到一条银星或金星鱼时,“完美”钓上可将其品质提升一星(这是获得铱星鱼的唯一方法)。
  • 你可以给你的孩子戴帽子(在他们会走路之后)。
  • 你可以弹艾利欧特的钢琴。
  • 你可以在祝尼魔小屋里放宝石来改变新出现的祝尼魔的颜色。
  • 离婚后的配偶将不会再出现在你的婚礼上。
  • 离婚后的配偶在节日中有不同的对话。
  • 自动采集可以在鸡舍中使用。
  • 成功闪避史莱姆的攻击可以避免受到减速效果。
  • 靠近海水的海岸边缘可以觅得海草。
  • 冒险家工会现在出售你在矿井中获得过的鞋子。
  • 在新版游戏中创建的存档不能在旧版游戏中读取(这只会影响未来版本的游戏)。
  • 新增资金独立选项。
  • 新增私信模式。
  • 新增更多联机模式“服务器消息提示”。
  • 新增/ping对话框指令来标记主机的位置或客机的位置。
  • 新增/kick <玩家名>对话框指令来踢除客机玩家。
  • 新增/ban 和/unban对话框指令。在一个农场存档内,指令后可输入玩家名,用户id,或者ip地址(格式类似上一条)。用于拉黑一位用户,而不是消除客机人物。
  • 新增多人游戏同步:
    • 每日运气;
    • 公告栏任务(大部分情况下);
    • 火车;
    • 闪电;
    • 矿洞怪物暴动;
    • 遗失之书收集;
    • 鼓块/笛块;
    • 调整钓鱼浮标在空中的位置;
    • 玩家的鱼上钩时的动作;
  • 创建联机农场时,初始小屋数量由无调整为1。
  • 每个玩家现在有自己的邮箱和配偶活动空间。
  • 每个玩家现在可拥有自己的地窖。
  • 当玩家掉落物品时,附近的其他玩家可以优先捡起来。
  • 在某几个节日中,你可以看到其他玩家的得分。
  • 联机中的任务难度会基于等级最高的玩家。
  • 使用骷髅洞穴中的洞口,玩家们下落的层数保持一致。
  • 联机中,随机情况将基于所有玩家的平均幸运值计算,而不是主机的幸运值。
  • 如果进入联机连接失败,游戏会自动进行重试。
  • 完成公告栏任务的奖励会发放给所有联机中的玩家。
  • 在联机存档中移动出货箱将不会把其盖子留在原地。
  • 新增可重新整理博物馆文物位置摆放(不需要通过捐赠新的古物)。
  • 可在收集栏中阅读以前的信件。
  • Added ability to rotate the toolbar (using Tab and Ctrl+Tab by default).
  • Added ability to fill existing stacks in a chest from your inventory.
  • 增加工具升级完成的提示。
  • Added tabs to the Catalogue and Furniture Catalogue.
  • Added current Qi coin balance to Calico Jack minigame UI.
  • Added support on Linux for pasting invite codes via an onscreen button (requires xclip).
  • Added upcoming weddings to in-game calendar.
  • 所有事件均可跳过。
  • 栅栏门可仅有一边有栅栏(以前必须两边都有), 这允许了双倍大小的门存在。
  • The hallway to the spouse's room in a two-story farmhouse now matches the bedroom flooring.
  • Changed interaction cursor when pointing at farm animals you haven't pet today.
  • Giving datable NPCs a gift no longer makes your spouse jealous unless you're currently dating them.
  • You can now construct/move farm buildings onto tilled dirt and tree seeds.
  • Trying to construct/move farm buildings onto an animal now poke them out of the way.
  • Collapsing in the mine no longer makes you forget levels.
  • After collapsing in the mines and losing items, a list of lost items is now shown and you can pay Marlon to recover one of them.
  • You can now remove horse hats (by interacting with the horse while holding another hat).
  • You can now trash copper pans and slingshots.
  • You can now buy copper pans from Willy's shop after receiving the first one.
  • You can now stack craftable items in inventories (like kegs or furnaces).
  • You can now attach baits, tackles, etc. to your fishing rods directly from a treasure chest.
  • You can now shift-click items to move them out of the toolbar.
  • You can now hold down the interact button without retriggering the eat item prompt. That lets players quickly refill rows of kegs/preserves jars without being interrupted by the prompt.
  • You can now go to sleep while holding an item.
  • You can now pause Junimo Kart by pressing Enter or P.
  • You can now play Junimo Kart entirely with the keyboard.
  • 不准再向木桶中放置最高星级物品.
  • Made it easier to collect milk/wool from farm animals. Animals now have a larger hitbox, and using shears/pail while facing multiple animals now finds the best match instead of the first one.
  • Interacting with a Mill that only has one type of item in it now automatically collects the item instead of opening a chest menu.
  • Pointing at an inventory item needed for a bundle now makes the Junimo bundle button pulsate.
  • Pointing at an item to sell in the shop menus now shows the "Gunther can tell you more" text if the item hasn't been donated yet.
  • Mushroom tree sprouts are now distinguishable from other trees.
  • Wild Bait now provides a chance to catch two fish at once.
  • Pets no longer spawn in positions that block the farmhouse door or corridors.
  • When exiting a Junimo bundle menu, the cursor highlights the bundle that was exited.
  • Farm animals standing on crops no longer prevent the crop from being harvested.
  • A message now appears when fruit tree growth is prevented by a surrounding obstruction.
  • When an NPC walks over a chest, it will now dump its contents out instead of destroying them.
  • When viewing a bundle, inventory items for completed slots are now grayed out.
  • Jumping down a mineshaft just above level 100 will no longer drop you below level 100 in the Skull Cavern.
  • Players can now "push" through NPCs at festivals, to avoid getting trapped in some cases.
  • Queen of Sauce reruns will now choose an already-aired recipe that a player doesn't know.
  • The animation played when finding a new lost book is now only played once per player.
  • Unclaimed bundle rewards can now be picked up from a Junimo bag in the Community Center.
  • Wild tree seeds can now be placed in any diggable tile outside of the farm without needing to hoe it first.
  • When you dismiss the map by clicking on it, you're now returned to the previous menu tab (if any).
  • Wilted trellis crops no longer block movement.
  • The Hat Mouse now sells hats you've won in festival competitions.
  • Moving the cursor over a crab pot while holding the action button no longer picks it up.
  • Moving the cursor over a farm animal while holding the action button no longer opens the inspection menu (so it's easier to pet animals).
  • Moving the cursor over a scarecrow while holding the action button no longer checks it (so it's easier to harvest large fields).
  • Improved the 'Organize Inventory' logic. Now properly handles empty spaces on Linux, and sorts stacks from highest to lowest quantity.
  • Changed processing time of tapped mushroom trees so that they're harvestable in the morning (instead of midway through the day).
  • Obelisks now have a 3x2 footprint instead of 3x3. (Their sprites are unaffected.)
  • Dropping an item when collecting rewards from Gunther now throws the item downwards instead of upwards, to prevent players without magnet rings from dropping items into out-of-reach positions.
Balance changes
  • 在果树完全成长后,即使周围有东西也不影响果实星级的提高。
  • Fruit trees are no longer blocked from growing by non-colliding objects (notably artifact spots).
  • Mushroom trees no longer drop wood (and debris chunks are now white instead of brown).
  • You can now increase friendship by talking with NPCs at festivals.
  • Trains now drop more items.
  • Some items no longer appear in random shop stocks: void eggs, void mayonnaise, and sweet gem berries.
  • The quarry now spawns oak & maple trees.
  • Charcoal kilns now require 2 copper bars (instead of a gold bar).
  • Cheese now sells for more.
  • Cloth now drops more often from mummies.
  • Dressers now cost more.
  • Looms can now produce multiple cloths when higher-quality items are input.
  • Pancakes can no longer be bought from Krobus before winter Y1.
  • Sturdy Ring is now easier to craft.
  • Journey of the Prairie King has been rebalanced.
  • Calico Jack and slot machines in the casino now statistically favor the player. (Previously the player was more likely to lose.)
  • The Forester profession now causes 25% more wood to drop from trees/stumps/logs, instead of raising the value of wood by 50%.
  • Speed-Gro and Retaining Soil can now be applied to crops anytime.
  • Basic and Quality Fertilizers can be applied to seeds (but can't be applied once a seed has sprouted).
  • Rebalanced the frequency that secret notes are dropped.
  • Fishing tackle now sells for less once damaged, depending on its remaining durability.
  • Sweet Gem Berry can no longer be bought from the traveling cart (you can only buy the seeds).
  • Bean Hotpot now grants max energy +30 and magnetism +32, instead of showing "max energy +2" but granting nothing.
  • Spring Onions quality is now determined at the start of the day.
  • The Legend can now only be caught once.
  • Made bottom edge of fishing bobber bar slightly more generous.
  • The effect of fishing level on fish size no longer caps at 10.
  • Debris now respawns at the start of spring in Cindersap Forest, town, and the Railroad.
  • Reduced cases of items splashing into water when they're visually on dry land.
  • Lightning rods are now always harvestable immediately the day after being struck.
  • Wheat now has a 40% chance to also drop hay on harvest.
  • Wild Bait can now be obtained from fishing treasure chests if you know the crafting recipe.
  • Fixed the burglar's ring not affecting some monster loot items (those added programmatically).
  • Reduced recipe prices in the Stardrop Saloon
Improved controller support
  • Added an on-screen keyboard to type into chat or text fields using the controller.
  • Added ability to stow an item when playing with the controller, freeing up your hands to interact with NPCs without accidentally gifting them items.
  • Added a left/right bumper hotkey in inventory menus. when the new 'add to existing stacks' button is available, pressing the hotkey will automatically snap to that button for easier inventory consolidation.
  • You can now highlight the list of required items in the Junimo bundle screen while using a controller, so you can see a tooltip with the item's description.
  • Improved controller navigation/use in…
    • the museum donation screen;
    • the Load Game and Join/Host Coop Game menus;
    • the bundle screen (no longer need to scroll all the way to the right to access the second row);
    • chest and item grab screens;
    • crafting menu.
  • Improved switching between keyboard/mouse and controller mode. For example, having a controller plugged in no longer snaps mouse input to buttons.
  • Improved placement logic with a controller (planting seeds, placing furniture, etc).
  • You can now direct your fishing casts with a controller.
  • The buffs display tooltip is now hidden if the mouse cursor isn't visible.
  • Fixed cursor snapping to upper-left item when clicking the organize items buttons on the controller.
  • Fixed D-Pad not correctly selecting dialogue options.
  • Fixed an issue making the animal pregnancy disable option unselectable with a controller.
  • Fixed navigation of the languages menu using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where rearranging artifacts in the museum didn't work with controller-style menus.
  • Fixed various issues related to selecting dialogue choices with a controller.
  • Fixed being able to move the cursor on the shipment screen after the screen is dismissed with the OK button on a controller.
  • Fixed cursor slightly misaligned on the skills screen when you first enter it using a controller.
  • Fixed various issues related to the display of the cursor in the level up screens with a controller.
  • Fixed some issues with controller navigation of the items in the wallet section of the skills tab.
  • Fixed controller navigation of dropdown lists in the options screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the controller's left thumbstick was moving the mouse cursor around while playing minigames.
  • Fixed an issue where using the face buttons to aim shots in Journey of the Prairie King on the controller would sometimes cause the shots to go in the wrong direction and cause the player to get stuck shooting.
  • Fixed chest color picker buttons being selectable if the color picker isn't shown.
Other changes
  • Various copyediting, improved text, tweaked sprites, and tweaked map tiles.
  • Made some optimizations that may improve performance on some machines/platforms or in some cases.
  • Improved many translations and fixed missing font characters in Korean.
  • Changed midnight from 12:00 to 0:00 in Japanese.
  • Added an open sprite to the fridge.
  • Adjusted the mail received after collapsing to more accurately reflect timeline changes in the game.
  • Adjusted a dialogue option in Penny's 2-heart event to be more considerate of George's perspective.
  • Removed the Junimo Note/Community Center Button from non-inventory screens.
  • Improved Elliott's cabin interior design a bit.
  • Items found in the trash now pop out of the trash instead of going directly into your inventory.
  • Updated credits.
  • In single-player, the mines now reset as soon as you leave instead of waiting for the next 10-minute update.
  • NPCs now destroy trees in their path (and will trample wild tree seeds underfoot).
  • NPCs now close their eyes and do a sleep pose when they go to bed.
  • Players now close their eyes when they go to bed.
  • Penny no longer randomly reveals Pam's taste for alcoholic items.
  • Fish sold to Willy are now resold in his own shop (fish are no longer sold at Pierre's).
  • Tweaked hoed dirt color on the beach in fall.
  • Made David's cage look more appropriate for guinea pigs.
  • Reduced splash effect of small cosmetic debris to make it easier to distinguish splash of actual items.
  • Added animation when digging through trash.
  • Adjusted sound made when picking up forageables, eggs, etc.
  • Added changes for modders.
  • Added log for unexpected network disconnects (in a separate DisconnectLogs folder).
  • The ordering of the items on the collections page is now consistent between languages.
  • Changed name of Morel in Chinese from "龙葵" to "羊肚菌".
Fixes for gameplay
  • Dismissing a letter with unclaimed items now automatically picks up the items.
  • You can no longer activate the Statue of Uncertainty if you haven't met the level requirements.
  • You no longer take damage from monsters while passing out at 2am.
  • Fixed various exploits, including…
    • opening the journal while fishing paused time but still caught fish;
    • opening the journal while dying skipped the death event and prevented losing items;
    • you could use an incorrect item in some cases (like using a wallpaper to obtain the Galaxy Sword, incubate a dinosaur egg, or when crafting);
    • you could predict the mushroom level pattern in the mines;
    • you couldn't be damaged while the eat confirmation prompt was up in multiplayer;
    • the invincibility timer after taking damage didn't decrease in multiplayer if a menu was open;
    • right-clicking a fishing rod attachment in the inventory reset its durability;
    • using glitches to leave the spa while in swimming mode would result in infinite energy/health regen;
    • you could obtain up to 109 statues of perfection by storing each one in a cabin's inventory chest;
    • items of different qualities could be combined into one stack when buying from Pierre;
    • you could sell items to Pierre's at an upgraded price (e.g. Salmonberries with the Bear's Knowledge perk) and buy them back at their normal price. He now resells them at the same price he paid.
  • Fixed players getting stuck…
    • if you cast a fishing rod just after opening a treasure chest in the mines;
    • in the blocking pose when you use a sword's special ability in rare cases;
    • on top of a mine ladder if multiple ladders were spawned;
    • in the traveling merchant's cart when dismounting from a horse in some cases (or getting your horse stuck that way);
    • on top of Abigail when playing the minigame in her two-heart event.
  • Fixed rare issue where no ladder would spawn on a mine floor.
  • Fixed monsters spawning too close to the start of a floor in the mines.
  • Fixed mummies dealing damage while downed.
  • Fixed invisible, interactable elevators on treasure floors of the Skull Cavern.
  • Fixed various issues where using bombs could cause items to spawn at the main player's current location instead of the location where the bomb was placed (e.g. artifacts found via secret notes, fruit tree items, giant crops, mystic rocks, hardwood, crystals, and cave grass).
  • Fixed issue where weeds could be spawned on the tile directly beneath the elevator in the mines.
  • Fixed objects on the farm sometimes skipping their daily updates, which could cause issues like crops surviving a day into Winter or batches of crops not maturing at the same rate.
  • Fixed various cases where an entire stack of held items was incorrectly consumed.
  • Fixed certain artifacts not spawning as intended.
  • Fixed cooking ingredients spread between your inventory and fridge not correctly counted together.
  • Fixed issue where leveling up would incorrectly affect the related skill for the rest of the day (i.e. common trees wouldn't drop seeds after leveling up foraging).
  • Fixed artifacts appearing on grass after winter turns to spring.
  • Fixed bug when getting a JojaMart membership shortly after completing the Community Center.
  • Fixed weed item obtained from breaking a mushroom seed or shaking a mushroom tree.
  • Fixed Livin' Off the Land announcing the start of blackberry season on the wrong date.
  • Fixed certain placeable items being placeable on tiles occupied by other furniture.
  • Fixed a few missing boundary tiles in certain areas, including in the Stardew Valley Fair.
  • Fixed player's fishing level and bait not taken into account for the wait time if the first nibble was missed.
  • Fixed Tiller profession bonus sometimes not applied to combined foraged and grown grape stacks.
  • Fixed Prospector profession not applied to rocks destroyed in the mines.
  • Fixed forage sometimes spawning out of bounds.
  • Fixed removing tappers from trees in certain ways making them become un-choppable.
  • Fixed fishing cast distance not determined when the bobber hits the water (previously set at the end of the cast).
  • Fixed TV weather forecast not always matching actual weather.
  • Fixed Queen of Sauce sometimes airing a new recipe on the Wednesday before it's scheduled on the following Sunday.
  • Fixed Queen of Sauce repeatedly airing the Stir Fry episode at the end of year 2 and the beginning of year 3.
  • Fixed players playing a minigame at 2am not properly quitting the minigame and passing out.
  • Fixed players able to continue fishing or charging tools past 2am.
  • Fixed giant crops growing in a noticeable pattern.
  • Fixed discrepancy between an item's shown health recovery and the actual recovery when consumed.
  • Fixed Chicken Statue (furniture) being stackable with the Chicken Statue (artifact).
  • Fixed issue where players could still take damage and die while warping with an obelisk or return scepter.
  • Fixed issue where ore/mineral veins destroyed with a bomb outside of the mine would only drop stone.
  • Fixed issue where going to bed early caused machines to process more quickly overnight. (Machines previously processed 100 minutes per hour slept; they now only do so between 2am and 6am, and the remaining time slept will be processed at the normal daytime rate of 60 mins/hour.)
  • Fixed issue where harvesting a tapped mushroom tree in winter would cause it to not produce again until mid-Spring, rather than Spring 1.
  • Fixed issue where snow yams and winter root could be dug up in the desert in winter.
  • Fixed lopsided bee house flower range.
  • Fixed some Witch Swamp and Mutant Bug Lair water tiles not correctly marked as water, causing inconsistent fish quality in those areas.
  • Fixed issue where entering a house the moment an NPC passes through a door would close the door on top of the NPC, causing them to get stuck.
  • Fixed issue where fruit trees wouldn't grow if there was a monster or other NPC near them overnight.
  • Fixed issue where closing a mine chest with the OK button while your inventory was full destroyed the item; instead the item is now dropped.
  • Fixed issue where a player at the Stardew Valley Fair would get their score calculated based on the contents of the Grange upon closing the minigame (instead of when Lewis had actually finished his judging), letting that player have a different score than intended.
  • Fixed minor issue where zero shots fired at the Stardew Valley Fair slingshot shooting gallery would give a large negative calculated accuracy.
  • The Cookie recipe will be sold at the Saloon if Evelyn's 4-heart event has been seen but the recipe wasn't obtained.
Fixes for player interaction
  • You can now collect Lost Books even if your inventory is full.
  • Fixed horses being unmountable if they're very close to a pet.
  • Fixed being able to trash items from the crafting menu even though the trash can is invisible.
  • Fixed answering dialogues on a small screen causing the cursor to interact with the toolbar.
  • Fixed interacting with objects in the world while holding an item sometimes causing both the interaction and object to be used at the same time.
  • Fixed interacting with a fireplace sometimes not toggling it.
  • Fixed interacting with objects so that objects behind the character are longer interacted when the character is facing upwards.
  • Fixed interacting with a trash can on horseback simultaneously dismounting the horse and searching the trash (now just dismounts).
  • Fixed issue where players couldn't harvest or pick up items by clicking and holding the tool button with a melee weapon or scythe in hand.
  • Fixed issue where attempting to charge an upgraded watering can to the left of a body of water on the farm would prevent the farmer from charging it.
  • Fixed unable to fill water can from the left side of the water trough in the greenhouse.
  • Fixed issue where depositing ore into two nearby furnaces could activate both of them.
  • Fixed large rotated furniture being placeable on top of tables, causing them to disappear.
  • Fixed issue where players could move while warping out of the Witch's Swamp.
  • Fixed issue where players couldn't push through farm animals in some cases if they were offset by half a tile.
  • Fixed issue where interactable furniture like fireplaces couldn't be picked up with left-click when standing close to them and holding a non-tool item.
  • Fixed issue where it was hard to click on NPCs if you went into a festival while holding a placeable item.
  • Fixed crawling-stage babies in the crib not being interactable.
  • Fixed minor issue where you could cause the farmer to stop shaking during a tool charge by pressing a movement key.
  • Fixed being able to interact with NPCs when your farmer is set to be immobile. (For example, this prevents you from trying to gift your spouse a second gift immediately after kissing them and getting stuck in an erroneous animation frame.)
  • Fixed opened gates orphaned by destroying the fence post they're attached to not blocking movement.
  • Fixed wild tree seed placement cursor not accounting for seed-placeable rules.
  • Fixed crab pot placement cursor always green, even if an invalid placement tile is selected.
  • Fixed palm trees not shaking and dropping leaf debris when interacted in winter.
  • Fixed the "Warrior" option not being selectable during Sebastian's 6-heart event in Korean.
  • Fixed being able to use the dagger while bathing.
  • Fixed museum reward collection menu not dismissable using the exit hotkey.
  • Fixed museum donation screen issue where panning the camera would cause the cursor to scroll off of UI elements.
  • Fixed issue where watering a small tree sapling played a scythe sound.
  • Fixed issue where hitting a fence that has a torch on it would destroy the torch instead of dropping it.
  • Fixed invisible blocking tile front of Lewis's house during the Stardew Valley Fair.
  • Fixed blank or whitespace-only chat messages being sendable.
Fixes for festivals, events, and quests
  • Dismissing a quest letter no longer discards the quest. (It's now added to your quest log to avoid permanently missing out on quests.)
  • You can no longer place objects at the beach while the Night Market is occurring.
  • Removed invisible trees from festivals.
  • Fixed exploit where you could pause time when the night market sub was ascending/descending to skip the wait time.
  • Fixed exploit where you could watch the night market mermaid show while time was paused (the show now pauses too).
  • Fixed exploit where you could fulfill the requirements for a gathering quest by taking items out of a chest one-by-one.
  • Fixed players getting stuck on doors or placed objects during cutscenes in some cases.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in Harvey's 8-heart event if it was triggered when leaving his bedroom.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in Harvey's 10-heart event if a train came by.
  • Fixed introductions quest not considering Willy done after you meet him to receive the fishing rod.
  • Fixed Mr. Qi's Challenge not considered complete if you fulfilled the conditions before getting his letter.
  • Fixed the egg in Lewis' truck not being accessible during the egg hunt.
  • Fixed time not passing for machines inside of farm buildings during festivals.
  • Fixed players getting trapped in the hospital until the festival starts if they were knocked out for the first time on a festival day.
  • Fixed time passing during festivals not reflecting when the player(s) started the festivals.
  • Fixed some out-of-season items appearing as targets for "Help Wanted" quests.
    • Removed Strawberry from Summer quests, Catfish from Winter quests, and Sardine from Summer quests.
  • Fixed bug limiting which NPC would request gathering, slay monsters, or fishing quests.
  • Fixed Help Wanted quests not reflecting that they pay 3x the market value, instead of 2x.
  • Fixed occasional spacing issues with the messages on the daily quest board.
  • Fixed Robin sometimes thanking you for the wrong item when completing a billboard quest.
  • Fixed winning festival events not counting towards farm's total earnings.
  • Fixed Penny's 6-heart event not triggering after purchasing the Community Upgrade.
  • Fixed Sam's 8-heart event being silent if you skipped his 2-heart event.
  • Fixed "A Winter Mystery" quest not triggering if exiting the farm from the bottom tile of the exit to the bus stop.
Fixes for shops and shipping
  • Fixed merchants refilling limited-stock items when you reopen their shops.
  • Fixed traveling merchant sometimes having the same item for sale for two different prices.
  • Fixed items bought from shops being sellable at a different price than produced/grown versions.
  • Fixed issue where honey would sometimes sell for more than expected.
  • Fixed pressing Alt + Enter while buying from Pierre destroying the held item.
  • Fixed selling animals not counting towards farm's total earnings.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't buy animals while Robin was upgrading the pertinent building.
Fixes for NPCs
  • Fixed several cases where NPC dialogues were out of sync with the actual state of the game world (e.g. saying the wrong dialogue in bed).
  • Fixed issue where villagers could get stuck doing their daily schedules late into the night after a festival.
  • Fixed issue where Vincent could get stuck on a flower barrel during the flower dance.
  • Fixed issue that prevented some villagers from hanging out with one another in town on certain days.
  • Fixed various issues related to naming horses.
  • Fixed various bugs caused by giving a villager's name to a horse, pet, or child.
  • Fixed friendship-related achievements not properly triggering as soon as the conditions are met.
  • Fixed various friendship-related bugs and inconsistencies, including 10-heart events being unlockable without a bouquet.
  • Fixed NPCs reacting incorrectly to certain gifted items.
  • Fixed issue where gifts couldn't be given to the dwarf if their dialogue was exhausted for the day.
  • Fixed Abigail visiting the farmer on the same day as her 8-heart event.
  • Fixed Bouncer just saying "Hi." instead of his unique line.
  • Fixed Bouncer not accepting the club card if you've already exhausted his dialogue for the day.
  • Fixed Demetrius plowing through bushes by the fountain in summer.
  • Fixed Dwarf always responding negatively to items it feels neutral about.
  • Fixed Dwarf not liking cave carrots, despite having dialogue which suggests otherwise.
  • Fixed Emily's four-heart event unlockable at night.
  • Fixed Gus offering Bread, Pizza, Salad, and Spaghetti as dish of the day (he already sells them as part of his normal shop stock).
  • Fixed Henchman dialogue box showing a friendship jewel.
  • Fixed Krobus secret note event not triggered if riding a horse.
  • Fixed Krobus not keeping silent on Fridays when accepting gifts.
  • Fixed Leah's summer schedule causing her to walk into the water and get stuck there for the rest of the day.
  • Fixed Penny not having her own introductory line.
  • Fixed Penny talking about the sound of rain on the roof of her trailer after the community upgrade is built.
  • Fixed Penny talking about living in a trailer after the community upgrade is built.
  • Fixed Pierre talking about time off after the Community Center has been restored.
  • Fixed Shane sending two recipes at 3 hearts. (The second is now sent at 7 hearts as intended.)
  • Fixed Welwick saying two different things on the same day.
  • Fixed free gift at the Night Market being available every ten minutes instead of once a day.
  • Fixed buggy interaction with Mayor Lewis when getting a Joja membership before starting the Community Center.
  • Fixed townsfolk sending players the wrong cooking recipes for their current friendship level.
  • Fixed villagers you're already dating still accepting bouquets from you.
  • Fixed a rare crash when attacking "slimes in love".
  • Fixed attacking a rock crab with a pickaxe not dealing damage after its shell is broken.
  • Fixed issue where villagers that respond differently depending on their current location will no longer say those location specific lines when talked to again later.
  • Fixed spouse continuing their ongoing dialogue after being interrupted with giving you a Stardrop.
  • Fixed most cases of crawling-stage babies waking up in the crib at the start of the day. (They'll now spend longer trying to find a non-crib position before giving up.)
  • Fixed NPCs sometimes detecting players rummaging through their trash or private possessions from a different location.
  • Fixed NPCs saying something upon entering an area (e.g. Pam entering the Saloon) doing so if you're watching an event.
Fixes for multiplayer
  • Farmhands' spouses now move around, run their daily schedules, and react to their spouses like they should.
  • Farmhands now return to their own porches after a festival, instead of the main farmer's porch.
  • Players can no longer give quest items as gifts to other players.
  • You can now connect to the host via IP while they're in the process of loading the game.
  • Fixed an issue where if a server was shut down on the same day a remote player had leveled up overnight, the level up would not be applied until the following night upon save load.
  • Fixed rearranging the museum in multiplayer showing a message that the player donated a new item.
  • Fixed farmhands not seeing the notification that a train is approaching.
  • Fixed players stuck if a bundle is completed while they're on a tile that becomes unwalkable after the room gets renovated.
  • Fixed issue where a spouse could get stuck in a farmhand's cabin after divorce. Save files that already have this issue will be fixed after the first night.
  • Fixed bundles button visible on the inventory screen for farmhands that had missed a bundle completion cutscene.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't interact with something behind another player (e.g. to talk to an NPC).
  • Fixed farmhands seeing bundles for completed areas when looking at the bundles menu.
  • Fixed farmhands unable to pick up lost books if the host has a menu open.
  • Fixed married NPCs saying marriage-specific lines to players who aren't their spouse while they're on their married schedules.
  • Fixed the door frame from Robin's construction animation not properly removed for remote clients after construction is done.
  • Fixed messages like the one about spreading weeds only shown for the host player.
  • Fixed clicking without dragging with the slingshot consuming ammo but firing nothing.
  • Fixed Kent sometimes missing from clients' festivals.
  • Fixed players that collapse in multiplayer seeing the screen briefly flash, showing them in bed.
  • Fixed fishing rod cast sound affected by other players' casts.
  • Fixed fishing rod animation not properly synchronised when clicking and holding to recast.
  • Fixed issue where Lupini would only stop selling a painting if the host player was the one to buy it.
  • Fixed issue where horses could lose their hats in multiplayer.
  • Fixed issue where farmhands couldn't activate the Dark Shrine of Night Terrors.
  • Fixed issue where monsters wouldn't move while host was watching an event or getting knocked out.
  • Fixed various issues related to child placement and multiplayer synchronization.
  • Fixed issue where light sources from disconnected farmhands wouldn't get cleaned up.
  • Fixed issue where animals in barns built by farmhands in multiplayer were unable to breed.
  • Fixed issue where completing a Vault bundle wouldn't send a global chat message in multiplayer.
  • Fixed issue where the Witch event would create a void egg for each logged-in player.
  • Fixed issue where items shipped, minerals found, recipes cooked, fish caught, and artifacts found during a multiplayer session could be forgotten if a client disconnected before the end of the day.
  • Fixed several bugs relating to Mummy behavior and multiplayer sync.
  • Fixed crash after eating a Maki Roll while playing in French.
  • Fixed Prehistoric Tibia and Amphibian Fossil not appearing in the forest (or anywhere) while playing in Spanish.
  • Fixed Wild Plums listed as forage instead of fruit in non-English languages.
  • Fixed sleep stamina recovery being based on the last player who went to bed (now tracked separately for each player).
  • Fixed baby slimes in the mines destroying rocks on contact if a non-host player killed the big slime.
  • Fixed various multiplayer data sync issues.
  • Fixed time slowing for all players when the host is in the mine (no longer slows at all in multiplayer).
  • Fixed missing tools in multiplayer not always being recovered.
  • Fixed various issues related to pets in multiplayer.
  • Fixed remote players not properly showing jump/jitter animations during emotes or horse mounting/dismounting.
  • Fixed the host player seeing flashes or feeling controller rumbles from bombs in other locations.
  • Fixed explosion flashes not showing up on farmhand machines.
  • Fixed player getting stuck on the "Waiting for players" check after a festival if another player joined at the same time.
  • Fixed Joja purchase form not reflecting upgrades bought by other players.
  • Fixed issue where getting killed while paused in multiplayer could leave you in a perpetual getting-knocked-unconscious state; this now unpauses instead.
Fixes for visual or cosmetic issues
  • Items that come in various colors (like tulips) now show their proper color in the item received pop-up.
  • The mouse cursor is now hidden in scenes that lock user input.
  • The lighting in the Secret Woods now changes more consistently with the rest of the world as time passes through the day.
  • Lit furniture placed on top of tables will now properly light upon nightfall.
  • Fixed various visual map issues, including…
    • various tile issues in the Mines and Skull Cavern;
    • glow from certain lamps in the town interiors tilemap bleeding into adjacent tiles in the tilesheet;
    • incorrect corner edge tile used inside the walls in mine level 6;
    • incorrect grass tiling under the fence on the bottom of the mountain path to town, and missing tile on the tree near that location;
    • incorrect tiles in the Flower Festival;
    • a missing stone tile under the JojaMart sign in town;
    • visual issue with the kitchen floor tile;
    • visual bugs with the eyes of the statue in the secret woods;
    • visual issues with hat mouse's house;
    • artwork of the Bulletin Board in the Community Center not lining up with the walls around it;
    • mismatched walls behind the plant and picture frame in the hallway between Alex and George and Evelyn's rooms;
    • mismatched wall with the power outlet for George's TV;
    • look of the carpet under Sam's bed;
    • incorrect shadowing on some tiles in the mines on floor 7 and 14;
    • Secret Woods statue eyes staying red after activation until the season changes or you reload the save.
  • Fixed various text display issues, including…
    • various typos;
    • various line wrapping issues in dialogue boxes;
    • line wrapping issue when leaving the feast of the winter star;
    • line wrapping issue in tooltips for boots, rings, and melee weapons with long names;
    • extra space at the bottom of tooltips for edible items that don't grant any health;
    • sizing issues in carpenter menu for non-english languages;
    • spacing issues in bulletin board request text;
    • one of Haley's lines having a blank dialogue page;
    • certain items with long names causing tooltips to word wrap incorrectly;
    • stardrop message easter eggs incorrectly appending the favorite thing after the special text.
  • Fixed various sprite issues, including…
    • layering issues (e.g. when the farmer is facing upwards while using some tools, or bushes drawn over chests);
    • character sprite coloration issues;
    • some monsters having two shadows (affected Ghosts, Dust Sprites, and Bugs);
    • Bouncer trying to face the player in some cases, resulting in an invalid sprite;
    • Linus starting some days slightly clipped into a wall;
    • Maru reverting to her plain clothes after her event in the clinic;
    • Penny's hair missing some pixels when she's sitting on the bench in town;
    • player hat rendered incorrectly in the inventory at night time;
    • player with an item raised above their head rendering with hands lowered in some specific cases;
    • player sprite rendered incorrectly after collapsing while in a bathing suit;
    • player sprite facing upwards after interacting with a child or festival NPC from above;
    • player 'wiggling nose' animation issue when casting or reeling in a fish;
    • player eye color drawn incorrectly when reeling in a fish;
    • player sprite flickering to invalid animation frame when tapping a movement key while aiming the fishing rod;
    • kissing your spouse in multiplayer sometimes showing an incorrect idle frame (sometimes facing the wrong direction);
    • various issues related to animations played as part of an NPC's daily schedule;
    • the light halo overlay on outdoor lamps sorting incorrectly at some positions;
    • health bar not fully consistent with stamina bar.
  • Fixed Penny washing dishes too far from the sink.
  • Fixed issue where rebinding keys would cause the game to display a blank options screen instead of properly prompting the player to press a key.
  • Fixed switching toolbars causing incorrect animations to play in multiplayer.
  • Fixed various issues related to the frogs that sometimes spawn on rainy days.
  • Fixed ancient seed not visible in inventory.
  • Fixed edible items that don't grant energy displaying the poisonous icon in tooltip.
  • Fixed being able to click title menu buttons before they're visible.
  • Fixed visual issues when swapping toolbars away or onto light sources.
  • Fixed some dialogue boxes being positioned incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue where hovering over the dialogue friendship jewel would show a friendship level tooltip, even if the jewel wasn't currently visible (e.g. when answering a question).
  • Fixed visual seams appearing in Junimo Kart.
  • Fixed visual bug in the character's health bar when their health is low.
  • Fixed screen fading out twice when using Robin's building related functions.
  • Fixed resizing the window below the minimum size causing black bars on screen.
  • Fixed resizing the window or adjusting zoom resetting the scrollbar position on the options screen.
  • Fixed social tab showing one gift given if you gave two gifts that week plus a birthday present.
  • Fixed minor visual bug when switching between the "Host" and "Join" tabs in the co-op screen.
  • Fixed non-centered text alignment in the header of Robin's build menu.
  • Fixed the host player seeing light sources from Ghosts in the mines, even while not in the mines.
  • Fixed purchasing stacks of player-sold items from Pierre not visibly reducing the stack available.
  • Fixed lighting in the mine changed as soon as you start going down a ladder, instead of after loading the next level.
  • Fixed screen briefly fading to black during Grandpa's evaluation.
  • Fixed players sometimes getting stuck on a black screen during weddings.
  • Fixed pulling the last piece of hay out of a hopper not making it display as empty.
  • Fixed several issues with weather debris displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue where white or black customization colors would cause the HSV sliders to show invalid numbers upon using the Shrine of Illusion.
  • Fixed visual issues with the cutscenes while riding the bus.
  • Fixed issue where holding 'up' while taking the bus back from the desert would cause the camera to pan during the cutscene.
  • Fixed trees planted in the desert showing their snow-covered sprites in winter.
  • Fixed issue where player animations weren't properly looping during events.
  • Fixed issue where Journey of the Prairie King showed -1 lives after losing all of your lives.
  • Fixed issue in Robin's menu where the Deluxe Barn's description overlapped the materials list.
  • Fixed minigames / cutscenes not always centered when the game is zoomed out.
  • Fixed the order of recipes in the Collections menu and the kitchen stove menu not matching.
  • Fixed weather debris clumped up after playing a minigame.
  • Fixed alignment of several UI elements in Calico Jack minigame.
  • Fixed falling leaves in the Secret Woods not showing their seasonal variants in fall.
  • Fixed campfire lighting misaligned.
  • Fixed map showing the player in the mines when they're in the Skull Cavern.
  • Fixed menu backgrounds not shown in the Community Center bundles menu.
  • Fixed the map's location label partly rendered off-screen in some cases.
  • Fixed white borders sometimes drawn on pieces of debris/dropped items.
  • Fixed mouse cursor not showing gift icon when gifting items to an NPC you're meeting for the first time.
  • Fixed mouse cursor showing "talk to" when hovering over NPCs during non-interactable events.
  • Fixed issue where harvesting from a crab pot while your inventory was full would result in multiple 'inventory full' messages without the red 'X'.
  • Fixed crab pots positioned/rendered over tiles they should be being drawn behind.
  • Fixed issue where opening a door would briefly show a ghost door.
  • Fixed windows in barns, coops, and spouse rooms providing light on rainy days or when it's dark out.
  • Fixed inconsistent particle effect when you right-click vs left-click to sell in the shop.
  • Fixed digging up an artifact spot in the rain leaving a dry spot.
  • Fixed hoeing in the desert when it's raining elsewhere leaving a wet spot.
  • Fixed outdoor garden pots not showing watered sprite when it's raining.
  • Fixed the health bar 'bleeding' at low health values if the health bar isn't currently being drawn or if the screen is currently fading.
  • Fixed double cursor in the Stardew Valley Fair slingshot minigame, and disabled drawing of it when playing with controller.
Other bug fixes
  • All mine songs now show up in the Jukebox list.
  • Fixed crash on startup if no audio output device is detected.
  • Fixed resolution issues for some players.
  • Fixed music not properly playing at the start of a new day.
  • Fixed Junimos not behaving properly after completing the community center.
  • Fixed issue where other players could affect the music that's playing in the mines.
  • Fixed various bugs caused by simultaneous buffs and debuffs.
  • Improved confusing error if certain game files are missing.
  • Fixed issue where players wouldn't get museum achievements until the next time they donated something themselves.
  • Fixed Master Angler achievement awarded before catching all fish.
  • Fixed issue where the music in Leah's house didn't stop after leaving her house.
  • Fixed issue where the wallpaper and flooring would shift rooms as you upgraded your house.
  • Fixed skipping an event sometimes making the player wait on a black screen for a while.
  • Fixed placing a bomb and leaving the screen before it explodes causing a buggy sound effect.
  • Fixed placing a bomb that destroys weeds and leaving the area before the explosion happens still playing the weed destruction sounds.
  • Fixed options menu being scrollable while a dropdown list is active.
  • Fixed an issue where a female character's pants could have their color changed to black during a wedding ceremony.
  • Fixed issue where you'd need to click twice to clear the dialogue that appeared after falling down a mineshaft.
  • Fixed issue where hotkeys (like opening the inventory) triggered after sending a chat message.
  • Fixed issue where dialogue couldn't be advanced using keyboard inputs.
  • Fixed issue where the music would sometimes briefly play again after you had turned the volume down.
  • Fixed issue where rebinding the menu key closed the options menu.
  • Fixed Prairie King game over screen only accepting input every 1.5 seconds.
  • Fixed Prairie King music overlapping if you use the zombie powerup multiple times in quick succession.
  • Fixed mouse repositioned when clicking HUD zoom buttons, making it harder to zoom in/out multiple times.
  • Fixed issue where loading a save would play the furnace and fireplace sounds.
  • Fixed volume levels not properly applied when connecting to a game as a farmhand.
  • Fixed rare crash or invisible grass caused by grass sizes becoming invalid.


Stardew Valley 1.3.36已于2019年1月24日发布到beta频道,并于2019年3月1日发布。

  • 新增了法语,韩语,意大利语,匈牙利语和土耳其语支持
  • 添加了一个新的Credits菜单来替换标题屏幕上的“ About”菜单,并删除了/ credits chat命令。
  • 在“内容”下删除了不需要的图块文件。
  • 在“内容/地图”下删除了已翻译的地图文件(已翻译的磁贴纸现在会自动加载)。
  • 居中的棚门。
  • 修复了无法在早上正确播放音乐的错误。
  • 修复了向NPC送礼导致送礼动作快速连续两次发生的错误。
  • 修复了“凳子”的家具旋转错误。
  • 修复了Junimos在最终告别后不会消失的问题。


Stardew Valley 1.3.33 即将发布, 于2018年12月18日发布到beta channel

  • 有大量光源时的视觉效果更新(如 火把).
  • 农场有大量动物时的视觉效果更新。
  • 体力标志更新.
  • 修复了当其他玩家使用工具然后开始向新方向移动时的多人视觉故障。
  • 修复了多人游戏中的“钓鱼姿态”视觉故障。


Stardew Valley 1.3.32于2018年11月19日发布。(版本1.3.29-1.3.32都发布在Beta版频道上,并包含在1.3.32中)。

  • 优化网络性能。
  • 增加了主机解除服务器暂停的更多方法(按Esc,B,Back)。
  • 添加了显示聊天框的另一种方式(按控制器上的“右键”按钮)。
  • 增加了修改器的内部变化(应该对香草游戏没有影响)。
  • 修正了不能正确弹跳的泥块。
  • 修正项目-在加载文件后,手工创建的属性为0,直到您再次手工制作某些内容。
  • 修正了非英语模式下兔脚不影响分手场景的问题。
  • 修正了多人游戏中一些罕见的与工具相关的崩溃。
  • 修正了使用炸弹时经常发生的与音频有关的撞车问题.。
  • 修正了祝尼魔把庄稼掉在地上而不是捡起来的问题。
  • 修正了NPC穿过房门的问题。
  • 修正了一些罕见的崩溃,可能发生时,连接到其他玩家的游戏。
  • 固定眼睛颜色重置为棕色后重新加载。
  • 固定不能使用棒/弹弓在节日迷你游戏。
  • 修正了隐藏在子菜单后面的标题菜单后退按钮。
  • 修复了在冬日星盛宴收到礼物后无法移动的问题。
  • 修正了当游戏结束后存钱时的崩溃,增加了刘易斯的短裤到玛妮的房子。
  • 修正了当其他玩家在某些事件中观看地图时的崩溃。
  • 固定“双音”时,使用唱歌石。
  • 修正了违反日内瓦公约的问题(通过在图形中替换红色十字)。
  • 修正了游戏暂停时未注册的聊天框的点击。
  • 固定玩家有时走一条直线通过所有地形时,他们得到断开。
  • 固定的婴儿有时会在不属于父母的房子里产卵。
  • 修正了通宵活动取消或跳过婚礼活动的可能性。
  • 修正了在另一个玩家移除了保镖后,玩家试图进入赌场时可能发生的去同步现象。
  • 固定玩家能够同时建造重叠的农场建筑。
  • 修正了只有一个玩家能够得到黑暗护身符。
  • 修正了不能将捐赠物品放置在博物馆最下面两排的问题。
  • 固定农场主无法拿起他们在节日里丢下的东西。
  • 修正了帕姆的升级房屋内部事件没有发生。
  • 修正了由于与返回权杖同时触发一个共享事件而引起的视觉故障。
  • 固定软锁造成的错误能力使用匕首在事件中。
  • 固定的玩家都收到相同的个人过夜事件在同一天(例如配偶问你是否想要一个孩子)。
  • 固定试图拆除异常断开的农场工人的小屋,导致木屋被摧毁后,你离开建筑物菜单。
  • 固定农民被困在捕鱼铸造动画后,拿起别人的棍子。
  • 固定主机有时出现在共享事件中使用工具卡住。
  • 修正了当你在凌晨2点以后播放“草原之王之旅”时的软锁。
  • 修正了当你摧毁一间小屋时出现的漏斗状的胸部盖子。
  • 修正了点唱机中重复的歌曲。
  • 固定只有一个球员的辉光环在同一时间工作。
  • 固定的农场工人不能看到彼此的包变化。
  • 修正了使一些玩家在3-4个玩家场中与另外两个玩家结婚的问题.。
  • 固定玩家有时被卡在床上后,另一个玩家进入,然后回来了。
1.3.32 Beta(2018年11月14日
  • Added more ways for the host to unpause the server (by pressing ESC, B, Back).
  • Added alternative way to show the chat box (press right stick button on a controller).
  • Added internal changes for modders (should have no effect on vanilla gameplay).
  • Fixed some GOG users unable to use invite codes (beta-only bug).
  • Fixed crash when saving after the game adds Lewis's shorts to Marnie's house.
  • Fixed crash viewing the map when another player is in certain events.
  • Fixed "double sound" when using singing stone.
  • Fixed a Geneva Convention violation (by replacing red crosses in graphics).
  • Fixed clicks on the chatbox not being registered when the game is paused.
  • Fixed players sometimes walking off in a straight line through all terrain when they get disconnected.
  • Fixed babies sometimes spawning in houses that don't belong to the parents.
  • Fixed the potential for overnight events to cancel or skip a wedding event.
  • Fixed a desync that could occur if a player tried to get into the casino after a different player has removed the bouncer.
  • Fixed players able to simultaneously build overlapping farm buildings.
  • Fixed only one player being able to get the dark talisman.
  • Fixed the inability to place donated items on the bottom two rows of the museum.
  • Fixed farmhands being unable to pick up items they dropped in festivals.
  • Fixed Pam's upgraded house interior event not happening.
  • Fixed visual glitches caused by triggering a shared event simultaneously with the return scepter.
  • Fixed softlock caused by mistaken ability to use daggers during events.
  • Fixed players all receiving the same personal overnight events on the same day (e.g. spouse asking if you want a baby).
  • Fixed attempting to demolish cabins of abnormally disconnected farmhands causing the cabin to be destroyed after you leave the buildings menu.
  • Fixed farmers getting stuck in the fishing casting animation after picking up someone else's rod.
  • Fixed host sometimes appearing stuck using tool in shared events.
  • Fixed softlock when you play the Journey of the Prairie King past 2am.
  • Fixed glitched chest lid appearing when you destroy a cabin.
  • Fixed duplicate songs in the jukebox.
  • Fixed only one player's glow ring working at a time.
  • Fixed farmhands not being able to see each others' bundle changes.
  • Fixed bug causing some players to become married to two other players in 3-4 player farms.
  • Fixed player sometimes getting stuck in bed after another player got in and then back got out.
1.3.31 Beta(2018年9月25日)
  • Fixed junimos dropping crops on the floor instead of collecting them.
  • Fixed NPCs walking through the saloon doors.
  • Fixed a few rare-ish crashes that can occur when connecting to another player's game.
  • Fixed eye color being reset to brown after reloading.
  • Fixed inability to use rod / slingshot in festival minigames.
  • Fixed the title menu back button being hidden behind submenus.
  • Fixed inability to move after receiving a gift at the Feast of the Winter Star.
1.3.30 Beta(2018年9月18日)
  • Fixed path and floor tiles rendering as 1x1 tiles instead of joining up in 1.3.29.
  • Fixed double fade-in when the day starts in 1.3.29.
  • Fixed some rare tool-related crashes in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an audio-related crash often caused when using bombs.
1.3.29 Beta(2018年8月21日)
  • 实验性优化(可能会影响稳定性-预计1.3.29的稳定性要比最近的其他补丁稍差一些)。
  • 修正了不能正确弹跳的泥块。
  • 修正项目-在加载文件后,手工创建的属性为0,直到您再次手工制作某些内容。
  • 修正了非英语模式下兔脚不影响分手场景的问题。


星露谷物语 1.3.28于2018年8月10日发布到Beta频道,2018年8月14日发布到主频道。

  • 修正了防止建筑物被放置在门前会有一条小路/地砖的地方的错误。
  • 修复了卢奥节和镇上不播放的音乐。
  • 修复了在雨天偶尔崩溃的客户。
  • 修复了没有可用的网络适配器时服务器崩溃的问题。
  • 修复了在搜索文件时显示“没有保存的游戏”的加载菜单。
  • 修复了当您在进入新位置的第一帧上与怪物发生碰撞时发生的崩溃。
  • 修复了罗宾忘记了,如果农场工人不正常断开连接,她将升级农场工人小屋的问题。
  • 固定农场工人不能设置第二天的天气与雨图腾。
  • 固定农场工人‘游泳’在他们的船舱里,如果他们是断了,而游泳在水疗中心。
  • 修复了农民脸上与游泳有关的视觉bug。
  • 固定家具旋转图形故障。
  • 修复了在远程登录到运行游戏的计算机时尝试复制邀请代码时发生的崩溃。
  • 修正了一个德语本地化问题,即‘%农场’出现在文本中,而不是农场的名称。
  • 固定配偶NPC而不是亲吻农民。
  • 修改愿望清单上所要求的各种内部更改。


星露谷物语 1.3.27 was released on 01 August 2018. (Versions 1.3.3–1.3.26 were only posted on the beta channel, and are included in 1.3.27.)

  • Increased purchase price of wood, stone, ores, and coal in the year 2+. The gold received for selling them is unchanged.
  • Reduced price of Tub o' Flowers from 1000g to 250g, and recipe from 2000g to 1000g.
  • Breaking small tree stumps now provides +1 foraging XP.
  • 当玩家到达矿井底部时:
    • 五彩碎片钻石可以非常罕见地从怪身上掉落 ;
    • 宝石和 紫色蘑菇 可能出现在垃圾桶中;
    • 宝石和紫色蘑菇会出现在NPC的请求任务中
    • 部分怪物将会变得更强.
Other changes
  • 如果玩家到达了矿井底部,矮人会参加婚礼.
  • 黄金南瓜现在是所有人都喜欢的礼物(原来是所有人都不喜欢的礼物)。
  • Tweaked several seed packet sprites.
  • Tweaked Mr. Qi dialogue portrait.
  • You can now add Mayor Lewis' shorts to the Luau soup.
  • You can now put Fire Quartz in the Furnace to produce Refined Quartz.
  • 玩家现在可以在厨房的水槽装填水壶。
  • Fireplaces are now furniture, so you can move them around and buy different fireplaces.
  • Fruit Trees cannot be planted on top of decorations in the Greenhouse border, or in the corners of the Greenhouse.
  • 替换玩家菜单中金币显示的单位从"g" 为 "金" .
  • 一些物品的中文名称和描述发生了变化.

  • Angler.png "安康鱼"到"鮟鱇鱼"
  • Burglar's Ring.png "窃贼戒指"到"潜行者戒指"
  • Fried Egg.png "煎鸡蛋"到"荷包蛋"
  • Vegetable Medley.png "混合蔬菜"到"蔬菜杂烩"
  • Error Item.png "错误项目"到"错误物品".
  • Geode.png "晶洞"到"晶球"
  • Frozen Geode.png "冰封晶洞"到"冰封晶球"
  • Magma Geode.png "巨大晶洞"到"岩浆晶球"
  • Omni Geode.png "万象晶石"到"万象晶球"
  • J. Cola Light.png "JOJA可乐灯"到"乔家可乐灯"
  • Joja Cola.png "JOJA可乐"到"乔家可乐"
  • JojaDev ZH.png "JOJA社区发展申请书"到"乔家社区发展申请书"
  • Poppy.png "罂粟"到"虞美人"
  • Poppy Seeds.png "罂粟种子"到"虞美人种子"
  • Poppyseed Muffin.png "罂粟籽松糕"到"虞美人籽松糕"
  • Sloth Skeleton L.png "左倾树懒骷髅"到"左倾树懒骨头"
  • Sloth Skeleton M.png "中树懒骷髅"到"中树懒骨头"
  • Sloth Skeleton R.png "右树懒骷髅"到"右树懒骨头"
  • Dark Shrine of Selfishness.png "私欲的黑暗神殿"到"私欲之黑暗神殿"
  • Dark Shrine of Memory.png "黑暗神殿的记忆"到"记忆之黑暗神殿"
  • Dark Shrine of Night Terrors.png "夜间恐怖的黑暗神殿"到"夜惊之黑暗神殿"
  • Several Chinese item description changes:
Bug fixes
  • Fixed crops harvested with a scythe not giving XP.
  • Fixed bee houses always giving wild honey when used on custom farms.
  • Fixed seeds planted out of season disappearing.
  • Fixed player collapse being cancelled when they open the journal.
  • Fixed animal mood & happiness bugs.
  • Fixed crystalarium item swap exploit.
  • Fixed furniture being usable to complete bundles.
  • Fixed some recipes allowing Milk, but not Large Milk.
  • Fixed crash that occurred after 596 hours of gameplay.
  • Fixed staircase being spawned on mine level 120 when a placed object is destroyed.
  • Several grammar/spelling fixes.
  • Fixed Wheat Seeds and Bok Choy Seeds descriptions in Brazilian-Portugese.
  • Fixed spring sign on bathhouse in Chinese.
Beta Versions (1.3.0–1.3.27) 
The above list shows changes compared to the previous 1.2.33 stable release. Here are the changes in individual beta builds:
1.3.27 beta (26 July 2018)
  • Fixed changes to the NetList events we added for modding
  • Fixed gift limits not resetting sometimes in single-player
1.3.26 beta (24 July 2018)
  • Fixed game freeze when Grandpa's event and witch event happen simultaneously.
  • Fixed full house achievement not working for player/player child births.
  • Fixed black screen until you click after player/player child birth.
  • Fixed children not appearing in farmhouse for player/player marriage.
  • Fixed buildings evaluating current position as ineligible move space.
  • Fixed prismatic shard rate too high after reaching bottom of mines.
  • Fixed spouse stardrop not rewarded in player/player marriages.
  • Fixed instantly brewing wine.
  • Fixed horse duplication bug.
  • Fixed typo in Krobus winter event quest.
  • Fixed crash when entering railroad area.
  • Fixed disconnect issues reported in 1.3.25.
  • Fixed fishing rod crash bug.
  • Fixed farmhands unable to get rid of children at dark shrine.
  • Fixed museum duplication issues.
  • Fixed players able to donate/rearrange the museum simultaneously.
  • Fixed spouse NPCs not kissing back in multiplayer.
  • Fixed farmhands talking to NPCs playing unique animations causing them to stop animating.
  • Fixed lack of spouse patio animations.
  • Fixed host seeing spouse dialogue for farmhand spouses.
  • Fixed being able to mount horse while farmer is playing an animation (e.g. picking up an item).
  • Fixed animals eating twice as much if they're outside while the player sleeps.
  • Added ValueAdded/ValueRemoved events to NetList for SMAPI.
1.3.25 beta (16 July 2018)
  • Experimental network usage optimizations
  • Fixed infinite ingredient use exploit when cooking in the kitchen
  • Fixed NPC marriage dialogue appearing for non-spouse players
  • Fixed crops harvested with a scythe not giving XP
  • Fixed inability to cancel moving a building
  • Fixed game occasionally locking up on a black screen at 2am
1.3.24 beta (10 July 2018)
  • Fixed players stuck on "Connecting to online services..." screen
  • Fixed crystalarium item swap exploit
  • Fixed furniture able to be used to complete bundles
  • Fixed milk requirements for certain cooking recipes (now can accept either Milk or Large Milk)
  • Fixed summer weather forecast bug
  • Fixed furniture duplication bug
  • Fixed long tool use animation bug
  • Fixed warp tile player & shadow animation bug
  • Fixed "Cloud Country" not being added to the jukebox if you create a game via the co-op menu
  • Fixed cooking food in the kitchen using ingredients from the wrong fridge
  • Fixed item debris duplication bug
1.3.23 beta (05 July 2018)
  • Fixed timesReachedMineBottom flag never updated. This enables previously-inactive features once the player reaches the mine bottom:
    • prismatic shards and diamonds may rarely drop from any monster;
    • gems and purple mushrooms may be found when searching trash bins;
    • gems and purple mushrooms may be requested in NPC quests;
    • the Dwarf will attend weddings;
    • some monsters will be stronger.
  • Fixed farmhands being warped to the wrong version of Marnie's house after purchasing animals
  • Fixed crash when player/player child is born and one of the parents is offline
  • Fixed multiple spouses standing in same space on farm
  • Fixed using a weapon after eating nullifying the food effects
  • Fix to walk around (instead of through) Pam when getting on the bus (after purchasing ticket from north side of ticket vendor)
  • Fixed toddlers not moving inside cabins
  • Fix to stop fly buzzing sound when it dies
1.3.22 beta (03 July 2018)
  • Fixed crash that occurred after 596 hours of gameplay
  • Fixed mistranslated Chinese co-op button on the main menu
  • Fixed divorced status not being carried over from 1.2 saves
  • Fixed post-6pm animal mood drain
  • Fixed animal happiness overflowing
  • Fixed spa not regenerating stamina when a menu is open in multiplayer
  • Fixed second player-player parent pregnancy causing crashes
  • Fixed farmhands being able to retrieve the last item shipped after it has been sold
  • Fixed lighting detaching from sources when upgrading the house
  • Fixed players losing cursor slot items when they are disconnected while managing the inventory
  • Fixed farmhands being unable to enter the wizard's tower if they join after the CC is completed
  • Fixed armored bugs not being invincible
  • Fixed wrong fish appearing in fishing minigame tent
  • Fixed slingshot minigame crash
  • Fixed broken skull cavern level 100 event in Russian
  • Fixed cave carrot quest crash
  • Fixed buffs not clearing when farmhands log out
  • Fixed farmhands being unable to open Junimo huts
  • Fixed goblin problem quest still showing in the log for other players after the quest is completed
  • Fixed new songs on Jukebox showing wrong names
  • Fixed duplicate songs in the Jukebox menu
1.3.21 beta (21 June 2018)
  • Fixed animal sounds playing outside of map
  • Fixed player icons overlapping on the map page
  • Fixed fishing rod casting temp sprites during the fall mini game
  • Fixed unsynced exhausted state and passing out
  • Fixed remote characters not blinking
  • Fixed grubs invincible to host while retreating
  • Fixed floating lamp sprite in mines
  • Fixed secret notes fished up spawning without a note number
  • Fixed beer sprite overlapped by counter in Clint 3 heart event
  • Fixed secret note #4 description fix
1.3.20 beta (19 June 2018)
  • Fixed fish splash points not properly syncing
  • Fixed missing elevator dings for clients
  • Fixed objects broken by weapons breaking twice when there is latency
  • Fixed glitched chest object in inventory UI
  • Fixed horse missing sounds/animation for clients
  • Fixed crash when trying to display dialogue for NPCs without any dialogue left
  • Fixed players hidden from view when local player uses a return scepter
  • Fixed all players teleported when return scepter used
  • Fixed structures can be placed where players would get stuck exiting them
  • Fix to allow players to walk out of resources (stumps/rocks) if they become stuck inside
  • Fixed Grandpa's candles not lighting
  • Fixed freeze up when all players are not in bed at 2am
  • Fixed farmhands not seeing giant mushroom trees until they relog
  • Translation fixes
  • Fixed door/footstep sounds being heard mapwide
  • Fixed item duplication if farmhands login while their inventory is open
  • Fixed stamina resetting to max when you leave/rejoin
  • Fixed trash items respawning when player travels to a different location
  • Fixed crash after blowing up a rock crab
  • Fixed fishing treasure chest causing a new cast
  • Fixed filled chests breaking when they're next to an empty chest
  • Clicking on the Journal icon no longer allows the player to stay awake past 2am
1.3.19 beta (14 June 2018)
  • Fixed client crashing when joining game due to null quest
  • Fixed Beach Bridge not updating for other players when one repairs it
  • Fixed controls locking up inside fishing tent
  • Fixed loss of 'Dating' friendship status when upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3
  • Fixed wedding ring not appearing in crafting list in SMAPI
  • Fixed deepestMineLevel stat only updating when they go deeper then any other player
  • Fixed seasonal tileset / SMAPI compatibility issue
  • Fixed farmhands unable to enter Pierre's on Wednesday after Community center completion
  • Fixed rain totems not working in multiplayer
  • Fixed no blue chickens in multiplayer
  • Fixed Gus walking through walls in Community Center
  • Fixed some animations playing at double speed inside buildings
  • Fixed Pam disappearing (potential fix)
1.3.18 beta (12 June 2018)
  • Fixed active players unable to cancel new player creation for farmhands
  • Fixed mouseover hover missing for buffs
  • Fixed horse footsteps using wrong sounds
  • Fixed crash whenever Marlon's name is used
  • Fixed NPCs end of route animation playing at double speed for clients
  • Fixed NPC positions not syncing at end of route animations (multiple NPCs)
  • Fixed extra tools spawning overnight if another player has them
  • Fixed gift giving not properly resetting after upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3
  • Fixed mistranslated pt-br seed disc saying to plant in winter
  • Fixed spa sign in English while playing in Chinese
  • Fixed proposals unable to be canceled
  • Fixed fishing rod event not triggering for farmhand
  • Fixed machines producing 'empty' products
1.3.17 beta (07 June 2018)
  • Fixed farmhands not being able to interact with bundles inside community center
  • Fixed farmhand tools disappearing after logging out while being upgraded
  • Fixed museum donations disappearing
    • This also fixed the description of museum items not changing after donating for farmhands
  • Fixed farmhand profession sale bonuses not applying
  • Fixed artifact donation message appearing in English for all languages
  • Fixed profit margin mistranslation in German
  • Fixed character names appearing in English while playing non-English character languages
  • Fixed inability to walk through animals while inside a building
  • Fixed bug which could make farm animals disappear
  • Fixed baby gender assignment issue for player/player newborns
  • Added feature: Invite code now copyable to clipboard
1.3.16 beta (05 June 2018)
  • Fixed 'introductions' quest tracking the wrong number of villagers for farmhands.
  • Fixed cabin fridges emptying when host reloads.
  • Fixed Secret Santa assignments changing.
  • Fixed items missing from festival shops when playing in Chinese.
  • Fixed traded fishing tackle breaking after one use.
  • Fixed tree seeds not being harvestable in multiplayer.
  • Fixed spouse position issues.
  • Fixed players stuck in wall after Emily's 10-heart event.
  • Fixed wallpapers/floors vanishing and resetting.
  • Fixed spawned mine ladders/shafts not being synced correctly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed slimes aggroing player during secret woods event.
  • Fixed horses becomes unmountable after entering a new location.
  • Fixed horses vanishing when warping between two quickly.
1.3.15 beta (30 May 2018)
  • Break-up event is now less harsh.
  • Fixed issue where farmhands only saw the first Junimo bundles page when accessed outside of the community center.
  • Fixed crash upon returning to a level of the mines with a chest, after having just been in it.
  • Fixed machines sometimes breaking when you're near torches.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to load a quest that hasn't been localized yet.
  • Fixed monster cries being heard outside of the mines.
1.3.14 beta (25 May 2018)
  • Added a quest to hint at the magnifying lens.
  • Re-enabled moving & demolishing buildings in multiplayer (although only the host can do it).
  • Fixed bug allowing players to spawn a staircase on the bottom mine level.
  • Fixed mermaid show not playing if volume is muted.
  • Fixed crash when selling many items to Pierre or through the shipping bin.
1.3.13 beta (24 May 2018)
  • Added separate chests in the mines for each player.
  • Fixed controls locking up in Stardew Valley Fair fishing tent.
  • Fixed duplicate cursors in minigames.
  • Fixed crashes buying furniture.
  • Fixed freezes when fishing during events.
  • Fixed crash caused by ordering a building construction the day before a festival.
  • Fixed crash breaking certain objects in the skull cavern.
  • Fixed horse-related bugs with movement between screens/clipping.
1.3.12 beta (22 May 2018)
  • Fixed all players seeing milking messages.
  • Fixed object desync on farm between players.
  • Fixed lighting issue in spa.
  • Fixed clocks becoming de-synced from server latency (now will disconnect player).
  • Fixed high network usage when NPCs moving.
  • Fixed delay when using bombs.
  • Fixed hidden mines ladder to skull cavern.
  • Fixed erroneous thunderstorm weather forecast in summer.
1.3.11 beta (16 May 2018)
  • Fixed beds regenerating energy in single player.
  • Fixed bomb framerate/delay issues (testing some).
  • Fixed farmhand crash when junimo is out at the farm.
  • Fixed inability to use emojis while chatting when menu was up.
  • Fixed fishing tackle breaking after one use.
  • Fixed Winter 8 festival overwriting first item when playing in Chinese.
  • Fixed forgetting level ups when disconnected.
  • Fixed lost stardrop stamina after disconnect.
  • Fixed crafting recipes vanishing when disconnected.
  • Fixed non-slime monsters being tracked in "Initiation" quest.
  • Fixed quests breaking or not tracking properly when disconnected.
  • Fixed weather report always sunny after reload.
1.3.10 beta (09 May 2018)
  • Fixed only LAN option being available at join screen.
  • Fixed torch & debris related lag issues.
  • Fixed crash after upgrading the community center.
  • Fixed object at (0, 0) causing machines to be destroyed when harvesting (thanks @MysticTempest!).
  • Fixed forage items spawning in inaccessible places.
  • Fixed travelling cart 'out of stock' message.
  • Fixed inability to get coffee at Night Market.
  • Fixed crashes related to Invisible Doors.
  • Fixed unable to reassign farm animals to other buildings.
  • Fixed startup_preferences permission crash.
  • Fixed objects pulse briefly when player enters map.
  • Fixed town map graphic inconsistencies with festivals.
  • Fixed treasure chests not appearing every 10 levels in mines.
  • Fixed spouse disappearing.
  • Fixed blocked path for secret note 20.
  • Fixed obsolescence of secret note 20 after purchasing "community upgrade".
  • Fixed slimes not applying "slimed" debuff.
  • Fixed freeze if all players are not in bed by 2am.
1.3.9 beta (04 May 2018)
  • Visual C++ redistributable update to partially fix the "LAN Only" connection issue.
  • Fixed furniture/wallpaper/flooring getting removed from sheds.
  • Fixed crash when interacting with farm animals left outside.
1.3.8 beta (04 May 2018)
  • Fixed glitching crab pot graphic.
  • Fixed lack of proper fish in underground lakes.
  • Fixed sprite glitch when placing wallpaper on tables or floors.
  • Fixed extreme lag when machines are working (using the scaling animation).
  • Fixed lighting related latency after 6PM.
  • Fixed butterfly bow position on horse.
  • Fixed inability to get Craft Master achievement in single player.
1.3.7 beta (03 May 2018)
  • Fixed the floor appearance being set to default and becoming unchangeable.
  • Fixed connection issues forcing host to be inside player cabin.
1.3.6 beta (03 May 2018)
  • Fixed wallpaper disappearing and not applicable.
  • Fixed incorrect "you have found" message display.
  • Fixed cabins not being movable (other buildings will be fixed in a later update).
  • Fixed inaccurate weather reports for connected players.
  • Fixed speech bubble cursor over pets/horses/children/Junimos.
  • Fixed Farmhands can't use hoe inside mines.
  • Fixed crash passing between maps while another player is on a loading screen.
1.3.5 beta (02 May 2018)
  • Fixed moving cabins/buildings causing issues in singleplayer only. (This feature was temporarily disabled in multiplayer to troubleshoot issues.)
  • Fixed issue loading festivals with SMAPI installed.
  • Fixed the map being cut off screen.
  • Fixed a crash fighting flying monsters.
  • Fixed the bug buzzing outside mines.
  • Fixed the crash when swapping from tool to food and quickly eating.
  • Fixed the crash after leaving game at earning screen.
1.3.4 beta (01 May 2018)
  • Fixed the eating prompt appearing when placing an item on a sign.
  • Fixed teleport obelisks not properly working.
  • Fixed the formatting for some Harvey dialogue.
  • Fixed the player getting stuck in a wall after pet adoption event.
  • Fixed an issue with no water in underground lakes.
  • Fixed an issue with building construction not completing if you exit during construction.
  • Fixed a crash speaking to Emily in exercise class.
  • Fixed a crash when speaking to Demetrius while he's dancing with Robin.
  • Fixed a crash at Grandpa's shrine.
  • Fixed a crash in certain situations if player name is within brackets.
  • Fixed a crash just after getting out of bed.
  • Fixed a crash when speaking to Traveling Merchant.
  • Fixed a crash on Journey of the Prairie King.
  • Fixed crash when striking a ready-to-harvest cask with a tool.
1.3.3 beta (30 April 2018)
  • First public 1.3 beta.



  • 修复linux和OSX构建使用单目录内置内容而不是XNA构建的内容(这使得制作MOD更加困难)。






  • 帽子的描述里现在增加了它们对应的成就。
  • 修复与使用老虎机有关的崩溃。
  • 修复了一些可能会不必要的增加内存使用量的来源。
  • 修正了手柄不能选择对话框中某些选项的问题。
  • 修复了加载屏幕上的“正在读取…”消息,这个提示信息在一些语言中显示不正确。
  • English: 修复夏威夷宴会汤时候的语法错误。
  • Portuguese:修复了莱纳斯的0心事件中对话选项丢失问题。
  • Portuguese: 修复截断的“升级”标题。
  • Russian: 为社交页面上的(单身)文字添加了更多的空间。



  • 现在设置窗口模式首选项在所有存档通用了。
  • 修复了游戏在加载存档时切换窗口模式时崩溃问题。


星露谷物语1.2.29于2017年5月02日发布。(版本1.2.27-1.2.28仅发布到Steam beta,并包含在1.2.29中。)

  • 修复加载存档时的崩溃问题。
  • 修复全屏模式下的崩溃问题。
  • 修复由于击杀怪物任务导致的保存过程中崩溃的问题


2017年4月24日,星露谷物语1.2.26 发布,支持六种新语言。测试版于2017年2月7日发布到Steam beta

  • 已经支持德语, 西班牙语, 葡萄牙语(巴西), 俄语, 日语 和 简体中文.
  • 使用手柄时,在默认情况下,光标将在菜单按钮间移动。如果禁用此功能,那么光标将加速移动。
  • 使用手柄时,按下返回键将跳过可以跳过的部分。
  • 退出到标题画面已经被重新加入。
  • 修复照明着色器在Mac和Linux上不覆盖到整个屏幕的问题。
  • 从“窗口无边框”切换到“全屏”现在会直接进入全屏而不是窗口模式。
  • 放置壁纸和地板时不再显示一个随机物品作为地块放置指示
  • 提高和保存配置相关代码的稳定性。被修复之前这会导致不太常见的崩溃,并需要玩家删除startup_preferences文件。
  • 修复一个在没有足够空间时猪试图采集松露所造成的崩溃。
  • 修复了几个罕见崩溃,这些崩溃在游戏中随时可能发生。
  • 修复结婚事件中 'pronounce' 一词的拼写错误。
  • 修复玩家因为跳过艾芙琳‏‎的事件而无法获得饼干的食谱的问题。
  • 耕种等级现在可以影响在10级之前的作物产量
beta versions (1.2.0–1.2.25) 
1.2.26 beta
  • 现在可以使用游戏手柄的左/右键来选择颜色了(使用扳机来选择不太直观)。
  • 修复了某些物品(例如郁金香和蓝爵)会使用无边框计数字体的问题。
  • 修复了某些物品介绍里显示恢复能量的空间不足问题,包括甜豌豆。
  • 在初始化阶段里把音频加载提前了,这可能会解决一些启动时崩溃的问题。
1.2.25 beta
  • 修复了一个Mac OS X系统应用程序损坏的路径结构,这会造成导致启动时崩溃。
  • 还原Steam SDK初始化和加载音频的顺序改变,这也许会导致部分玩家启动时崩溃。
1.2.24 beta (1.2.21–23 weren't released separately)
  • 修复了快速菜单控制破坏星露谷展览会上的农场展览菜单的问题。
  • 修正了商店菜单的一些问题。
  • 修复玩家因为跳过艾芙琳‏‎的事件而无法获得饼干的食谱的问题。
  • 修复结婚事件中 'pronounce' 一词的拼写错误。
  • 提高和保存配置相关代码的稳定性。被修复之前这会导致不太常见的崩溃,并需要玩家删除startup_preferences文件。
  • 修复一个在没有足够空间时猪试图采集松露所造成的崩溃。
  • 修复了几个罕见崩溃,这些崩溃在游戏中随时可能发生。
1.2.20 beta (1.2.19 wasn't released separately)
  • 修复了在一些情况下使用游戏手柄时光标会不必要地显示的情况
  • 使手柄可以选择关于菜单中的链接
  • 修复了打开送货箱时,光标无法在库存格子中向上移动的问题
  • 如果您正在使用游戏手柄,则跳过事件按钮不会显示(请使用后退按钮来跳过)
  • 几个中文翻译修正
1.2.18 beta
  • 修复使用游戏手柄时返回到标题,光标会卡在显示范围外的问题
  • 给“使用手柄式菜单”选项添加了翻译
1.2.17 beta
  • 添加了7000个以上的中文字体字符。游戏本身不需要这些文本,但预计在文字输入中会比较常见(例如您给予农民、农场、动物等的名称)
  • 从“窗口无边框”切换到“全屏”现在会直接进入全屏而不是窗口模式
  • 放置壁纸和地板时不再显示一个随机物品作为地块放置指示
1.2.16 beta
  • 德语和中文的一些翻译修复
  • 让游戏加载界面的后退按钮能被新加入的游戏手柄光标选中
  • 修复了边远森林中的一个小的图像问题
1.2.15 beta
  • 更多翻译修复
  • 在“关于”窗口中添加了几项新的项目
  • 修复了对话被光标遮挡的问题(使用游戏手柄时)
1.2.14 beta
  • 更多翻译修复
  • 修复了使用游戏手柄时从克林特处工具升级时的复制工具问题
  • 修复在某些对话框中鼠标光标消失问题
  • 修复了有毒食物提示消失问题
1.2.13 beta
  • 翻译修复
  • 改进主菜单按钮上德语,西班牙语和葡萄牙语文字
  • 修复放大或是缩小到一定程度时跳过事件按钮无法点击问题
  • 修复了放大或是缩小到一定程度时在保存期间导致日期暂时错位的问题
  • Pathoschild做了一些内部小修改,以帮助使用SMAPI
1.2.12 beta
  • 耕种等级现在可以影响在10级之前的作物产量
  • 所有语种都有大量的翻译修复
1.2.11 beta
  • 修复了按“e”键退出菜单时的问题
  • 一些德语翻译修正
  • 任务文本修复
  • 修复冒险家公会“入门”的任务要求石蟹而不是史莱姆的问题
1.2.10 beta
  • 修复购买动物菜单里提示栏空白问题
  • 修复购买动物时崩溃问题
  • 修复一个用户报告的在加载保存文件时游戏切换到全屏模式崩溃的潜在问题
  • 修复了一个线程错误,它会导致以下问题:
    • 在上床睡觉和售卖物品或者存档时触发在农舍“醒来”的动作
    • 很可能是睡觉/存档时崩溃的原因,已经有一两个相关的报告
  • 游戏手柄操作方式变化:
    • 使用新的快速控件选项时,鼠标光标会替换为戴手套的手
    • 输入时不再将光标移动到角色自定义部件菜单
    • 按下back键可以整理你在背包或是箱子里的东西
    • 按下back键可以跳过事件
    • 按X按钮将物品从箱子取出时不再将光标移回第一个物品
1.2.9 beta
  • 添加新的翻译(修复在读取存档界面上“正在读取存档”消息始终是英文问题)
  • Eric改进的全新手柄控制,能让光标在按钮和其他互动组件之间跳跃
1.2.8 beta
  • 修复在配方提示栏里计数框消失的问题
  • 修复了有时在夜间发生的崩溃的问题,这个崩溃取决于你与NPC的好感度
  • 修复了玛鲁的10心事件中的崩溃
  • 草原之王小游戏的标题画面不需要按按钮
  • 各种内部变化
1.2.7 beta
  • 进一步修复俄语字体
1.2.6 beta
  • 更新俄罗斯字体更易阅读(感谢反馈意见,真的很有用)
  • 修正了“+”字体中显示为笑脸
  • 减少某些地方的文字大小,以免用尽空间
  • 中文标题界面的“Stardew Valley”以简体中文显示
  • 一些俄语翻译修正
1.2.5 beta
  • 修正在“需要帮助”标牌上错放的文字
  • 修复收集包界面不能通过关闭按钮关闭
  • 修复某些语言不显示心型符号(例如“<宠物名称>爱你 ♡”)
  • 葡萄牙语和西班牙语的一些翻译修正
  • 添加西班牙语、德语、葡萄牙语和俄语新字体(Eric在他的字体里添加了我们需要的字符)。几个注意点:
    • 请提供有关可读性的反馈!
    • 加号(“+”)符号现在显示为笑脸。我们知道这一点,正在修复它。
    • 我们注意到德语和俄语有几个地方,文本和UI重叠,并在用完了空间。我们正在努力,但请让我们知道你在哪里看到这种情况。
1.2.4 beta
  • 葡萄牙语中的NPC名称现在与英文名称相同。请注意在对话、UI等上使用的错误名称。
1.2.3 beta
  • 修复日期/时间/金钱栏&buff图标定位
  • 商店界面崩溃的潜在修复
  • 几个内部的变化也让我们准备好更多的翻译进来...... 你可能不会注意到这一点 ;)
1.2.2 beta
  • 缩放键能正常工作了
  • 当修改缩放并退出到标题界面后主菜单不会再混乱
  • 修复了静音后退出到标题界面,仍然有音乐的问题
  • 修复了一些语言“loading...”(中文:正在储存。。。)文本丢失的问题
  • 修复了Mac和Linux版光源着色不能覆盖全屏的问题
1.2.1 beta
  • 修复了一些应该是英文文本反而出现翻译文本的情况
  • 修复了当游戏语言为非英语时,无法读取游戏存档的问题(可能也同时修复了一些崩溃闪退的问题)
1.2.0 beta


Stardew Valley 1.11 was released 06 October 2016, with a beta posted to the Steam beta channel on 05 October 2016.

  • 银河匕首价格已经纠正为35,000(以前是350,000)
  • 纠正制品生产家的职业加成(从50%降低到40%)
  • 季节改变突变虫穴里无变化(和电池组在冬天无变化)
  • 每天突变虫穴现在补充一点
  • 在突变虫穴里的怪物现在一直都会处在突变状态......保存并重新加载后无法再恢复成基础的怪物
  • 陨石不会再现在在大树桩圆石的土地上
  • 你可以在右下角边沿处的小阴影条里重新放置建筑物
  • 修复了一些农场地图上的格子
  • 修复了觅食物出现在树桩下面的问题
  • 可通过植物学家的职业加成找到铱星品质的大葱
  • 松露不会再出现在水里
  • 宠物不会再出现走到地窖楼梯下面的空间里
  • 如果草原王者大冒险里的boss在任意方向跑得太远的话,它会变形回地图中心。
  • 鸡舍的动物现在可以生产高品质的产品
  • 还没完全建造完成或还在建造中的水井将不能用于填满你的喷壶
  • 会导致游戏开始一天比一天卡,所以将在地图中不再扩散。这个新的补丁将很好的移除这些问题树。
  • 你现在应该能正确地看到最后的Joja动画,即使当你转换去Joja超市后完成社区中心
  • 觅食物将不再出现在难以到达的地方
  • 修复了暴风雨使农场里的物品跑到了当前地图里而不是农场里
  • 当你技能达到5至10时,但是还没有睡觉,不显示你的新职业“亡命之徒
  • 对bug的小幅度调整和修复


Stardew Valley 1.1 was released 03 October 2016, with a beta posted to the Steam beta branch on 29 September 2016.

  • *可结婚对象在农场的室外有一块专属的场地,在此处会有一些特有的交互行为。
  • 谢恩可以结婚并有新的对话内容、行程安排和爱心事件。
    • 玛妮的商店关闭时,现在你可以通过一扇新的门去访问谢恩
    • 谢恩的“夫妻房”一片狼藉,有一个迷你冰箱以及通向它的一条布满脚印的泥泞小路。
  • 艾米丽可以结婚并有新的对话内容、行程安排和爱心事件。
  • 罗宾有一些新的建筑可供销售。在完成巫师的任务后,巫师也会提供新的魔法建筑
  • 在完成巫师的任务后,巫师也会提供新的魔法建筑。这些建筑物是消耗非常大的,属于游戏中后期的建筑物。当你建完罗宾所有不同的建筑物后,那些魔法建筑就会出现:
    • 祝尼魔屋(魔法建筑) - 祝尼魔会自动收割处于小屋周边一定范围内的成熟农作物。祝尼魔将收获的农作物存放在小屋中等候玩家来取走。
    • 水方尖塔魔法建筑) - 当与它互动时,它会将玩家传送到海滩上,就像像海滩的传送图腾。它基本上是可以无限使用的图腾。
    • 土方尖塔魔法建筑) - 它就像水方尖塔一样将玩家传送到山上。
    • 黄金时钟魔法建筑) - 防止碎块障碍物出现在你的农场里。同时避免篱笆和围栏损失耐久。
  • 现在在新建游戏时将有5个新的农场地图。基础地图就是当前农场地图,其他地图侧重于不同的“技能”。每个地图都有不同的特色:
    • 河边农场 - 地图上会有大量的水...... 限制你的农场规模。看起来很漂亮。在农场里钓鱼实际上是可行的...... 事实上,玩家也可以在城镇里钓到相同的
    • 森林农场 - 森林侵占着土地,限制农场的面积。然而,在地图的西边有可再生的树桩,还有一些季节性的可觅食物。而且,在农场里会出现一种特殊的“杂草”,除掉时总会掉落混合种子
    • 山顶农场 - 很多峭壁...... 并在农场西南部有一个特殊的采矿区域,以及独特的晶球矿石。
    • 荒野农场 - 农场有大量的空间,在农场的西南角有个大湖看起来比标准农场更有趣,并在南边和东边绵延着一条峭壁。在这个地图里,晚上会有蝙蝠和魔像出没。在这个地图里还有一种独特的新怪物荒原魔像出没。它的行为就像石魔,但会有不同的掉落物。它的受害水平取决于玩家的战斗等级。
  • 每个地图玩家房屋的室内装饰也不同。
  • 加入咖啡豆。咖啡豆可以通过小桶做成咖啡
  • 玩家可以额外升级1次农舍,增加了一个地窖。可以通过厨房的楼梯下到里面。
  • 在地窖里,有一个新的物品叫木桶。玩家可以将酒和奶酪放入木桶里变陈。经过一段时间,它们的品质和价值将提高。这些变陈的物品会由“金星品质”升级为“铱星品质”,一个新的品质等级。铱星品质的物品的价值将翻倍。
  • 而且,果树现在可以产生铱星品质的水果。果树成熟后,产出水果的品质每年会增加1星。
  • 玩家现在可以去村长家中填写表格与配偶离婚。
  • 离婚后,配偶会搬出农舍回归自己婚前的生活,但会把孩子留下来。
  • 离婚后,前配偶与玩家的好感度会减少,并且拥有特别的“拒绝”对话。
  • 可以使用女巫小屋的记忆之黑暗神龛将会抹去前配偶的记忆,让一切看上去像是这个婚姻从未存在过。
  • 玩家因为过度劳累而晕倒或不幸死亡后会受到一些新信息。有时玩家死后会从哈维的诊所里醒来。
  • 奇怪的小面包有了新价格和新配料。
  • 结婚后给其他村民送生日礼物,你的配偶不再吃醋。
  • 玩家可以在升级过后的房子中给小门厅加墙纸。
  • 打败草原王者大冒险后,玩家可以保留自己现有的级别和金币重新进入游戏选择难度更高的模式。
  • 博物馆里添加了2本新的“丢失的书”。
  • 玩家可以从20个颜色中选择一个来给自己的宝箱上色。
  • NPC如今对不同品质的礼物有不同的反应,但仅限于“喜欢”和“最爱”。
  • 玩家可以在罗宾的建筑菜单内移动农场的建筑位置。
  • 科罗布斯开始售卖虚空蛋
  • 史莱姆球现在有几率会掉落石化史莱姆
  • 暂停时,时间由黑色变为灰色再变为黑色。
  • 增加一个图像符号,更“清晰”的展示堆叠的数字。
  • 制作小桶时不再需要粘土
  • 玩家又可以在温室内部的地板上种植果树了。
  • 在触发谢恩的8点爱心事件后,玩家在玛妮的牧场购买鸡时,有1/4的几率是蓝色的。不过除了颜色以外,蓝色的鸡和普通鸡没有区别。
  • 向日葵种子不仅在秋季可以播种,在夏季也可以种植。
  • 野梅现在标记为水果
  • 现在当爷爷的神龛达到4支蜡烛时,将能够稳定的给予奖励。
  • 修复当以“植物学家”的职业收集物品时,如果库存已满,即使在库存里是金质品质的物品,都将会出现失败的问题。
  • 史莱姆克星戒指可以用于防御和对抗巨型史莱姆
  • 你不能再利用树桩了
  • 修复Joja仓库图像在冬季时的问题
  • “检查动作”
  • 在任何情况下,在桑迪的绿洲里不会有降雨的声音。
  • 你的宝宝出生会更加合理,即使在出生前夕你昏倒在矿井里。
  • 月光水母接触会发生碰撞
  • 银河之剑现在不会丢失
  • 你不能再浪费干草了,因为你没有筒仓
  • 你不能在农场外种果树
  • 拼写错误


Stardew Valley 1.07a was released on 29 July 2016.

与主机版Mac OSX和Linux的兼容性。


Stardew Valley 1.07 was released 04 April 2016, with a beta posted to the Steam beta channel on 31 March 2016.

  • 现在在节日期间与配偶对话会有特殊内容(大部分的时间),而不是平时的一些对话。
  • 月光水母起舞时配偶将站在你旁边
  • 婚后对话......当你与某人结婚后,与配偶的父母/亲属的对话内容会有轻微的改变。
  • 如果你和山姆塞巴斯蒂安阿比盖尔结婚的话,他们现在会在星期五的时候去星之果实餐吧
  • 配偶雨天不会离开,除非他们必须去工作。
  • 果树所产生的产品品质将随时间推移而越来越高(一年升级到金星品质)。
  • 收获果树现在是通过摇晃果树使水果掉落
  • 雷击现在对果树会有特殊的影响
  • 闪电更有可能击中树和农作物,但避雷针将能更好的拦截雷击(如果它们不是已经拦截过一个闪电的话)。
  • 炭窑生产煤炭的木材从20个下降到10个
  • 当好感度达到最高时将不再降低
  • 添加一个收益菜单的金币计数器
  • 如果在矿井死亡的话会有小惩罚:会减少5000g的金币,速度会降低,不会失去戒指和银河之剑
  • 你现在可以在草原王者大冒险内使用指定的活动钥匙
  • 草原王者大冒险里你现在可以在地图边沿取回能量和硬币
  • 现在在你给可结婚对象送花之前他们的最后两颗心会一直为灰色
  • 威利现在喜欢大多数鱼的菜肴
  • 冒险家公会现在将在你完成入门的任务后解锁(你仍然会获得免费的奖励)
  • 硬件鼠标光标选项
  • 从箱子里取回工具时不会再“失踪”
  • 将正确的消耗虞美人制作虞美人籽松糕
  • 不会在错误的“消耗”陷阱浮标(点击使它们消失并有奇怪的声音)
  • 在未使用生长激素时农业家的职业加成未达到25%。生长速度增长的效果现在将能正确的加到生长非常缓慢的农作物。
  • 修复向日葵Joja超市的价格问题
  • 现在当你升级你的房子后箱子将不会再出现在你的床上
  • 改善手柄的项目布局,并会有一个新的选项来显示一个项目布局指示器。
  • 雪山药将不会再出现在沙漠里
  • 海参将会正确的出现在收益菜单里的钓鱼标签栏里
  • 动物将不会在正确放置好畜棚大门后还会一直被卡在围墙里面
  • 修复各种小bug
  • 小改变/修复对话


Stardew Valley 1.06 was released 20 March 2016.

  • 所有配偶添加独特的对话
  • 配偶现在会在星期一离开家
  • 大多数动物的产品价值增加
  • 冬青树现在是有毒的
  • 失踪的项目问题不会再发生
  • 修复小bug/语法错误/图形错误


Stardew Valley 1.051b was released 17 March 2016.

  • 修复物品消失的问题(物品仍然可以破坏农场里的残骸)
  • 小桶制作现在需要橡树树脂
  • 蜂房制作现在需要枫糖浆
  • 墨西哥薄饼的价格从75g降到50g
  • 鹦鹉螺壳(古物)改名为鹦鹉螺化石


Stardew Valley 1.051 was released 12 March 2016.

  • 修复奇怪的矩形照明问题
  • 地板现在可以用炸弹拆除
  • 你按下“菜单”键(
  • 如果没有其他运行计划,可以在是/否的确认界面按
  • 你可以使用手柄上的触发键打开社区中心菜单
  • 小修复
  • 更多的秘密


Stardew Valley 1.05 was released 09 March 2016, with a beta posted to the Steam beta channel on 04 March 2016.

  • 只要要你达到3年:爷爷将改变想法...... 他觉得他的判断过于严厉了。他不再提及“伟大的荣誉”,并他的对话将变得温柔许多。如果他已经拜访过你了,检查他的神龛将有一个新的机会......
  • 修复“失败的”谢恩事件
  • 在夏季3日有一场改变性的地震...... 这是杀死农作物的季节变化。
  • 增加铱的几率。在骷髅洞穴每10层发现铱的几率会很明显的增长。
  • 在选项标签栏添加放大/缩小功能
  • 添加音量滑动条来改变环境音乐和脚步声音
  • 添加雪的透明度滑动条
  • 添加选项来关上闪光效果
  • 添加照明质量选项
  • 在社区中心添加任务栏使其更容易看查看
  • 修复莉亚的日常安排
  • 配偶不会在工作时卡在公共汽车的区域
  • 升级农舍的时候地板不会再混乱
  • 修复更高级的NPC末端行为
  • “秘密的”NPC在你发现他们之前不再出现在日历上
  • 法式田螺、海鲜杂烩汤等给予正确的钓鱼buff
  • 你现在真的不能通过门卫
  • 你将不会在试图上公共汽车时被卡住
  • 修复树会看不见的问题
  • 死花不会再影响蜂蜜
  • 你现在可以在花舞节时与你的配偶跳舞
  • 在steam平台运行的游戏将能正确的暂停
  • 修复不活跃的窗口仍然有反应的问题
  • 修复在皮埃尔的杂货店里的肥料价格
  • 修复哥布林问题
  • 你现在可以按数字键(
  • 铁矿石点不能再被删除,只能破坏。
  • 狗不会再坐在箱子上......
  • 配偶很少会跑到黑暗的洞里
  • 命名你的孩子时将不会再出问题
  • 修复食谱消耗材料过多的问题
  • 修复在某些场景中,某些对话选项是已经选过的。
  • 修复一些小bug和排版错误


Stardew Valley 1.04 was released 01 March 2016.

  • 在创建人物界面添加一个随机创建按钮
  • 罗宾现在可以售卖“木地板”、“石头地板”和“垫脚石小径”的合成配方
  • 添加一个秘密的方法去修改一个稀有物品
  • 增加草的生长速度
  • 增加觅食物的发现几率,并减少在树后面出现的几率。
  • 蜂蜜的价格从200g下降到100g
  • 增加克林特的矿石的价格
  • 售货菜单现在显示点将是“活动的点”
  • 制作成的meteroite看起来更时髦
  • 修复骑着马时使用剑的问题
  • 修复用电筒照明时的问题
  • 修复石围栏会产生碎片的问题
  • 配偶去城镇的路上不会再被卡住
  • 温室里种子现在将生成正确的农作物
  • 秘密礼物交换现在将正确工作
  • 现在所有的稻草人将在乌鸦威胁活动时给予报告
  • 门卫现在真的无法通过
  • 树不会在雕像前面一直生长
  • 威利的鱼店不再计算水
  • 流星将不再出现再池塘或建筑物里
  • 如果一个物体一直在你的下面,防止你移动,那就右击去移开它。
  • 水手引诱大师职业现在将能正确的工作
  • 轻击炸弹现在将能正常破坏
  • 修复洗澡时头发不一致的问题
  • 修复各种物品重叠的问题
  • 虞美人籽松糕现在实际上看起来像杯状小松糕
  • 你死后任务物品将不再消失
  • 你不会再将任务物品送错人了
  • 骷髅洞穴任务将不会在完成之前收到目前的日记条目


Stardew Valley 1.03 was released 28 February 2016.

  • 烹饪菜单现在不仅可以你的冰箱寻找物品也可以再你的详细目录里
  • 稻草人的影响范围半径减少到8格
  • 牧场主职业对蛋黄酱和其他制作的动物产品的售价的加成提高
  • 一旦你与某人的好感度达到2心,他们的房间将永远解锁,即使如果你又降2心以下。
  • 修复在矿山里复制物品的问题
  • 梯子将不会再生成在玩家的下面,将锁定在放置的地方。
  • 修复社区中心的菜单问题。你现在可以在社区中心菜单里扔下物品并移除它们(
  • 修复物品品质的问题
  • 你现在可以在制作菜单里扔下物品
  • 如果你破坏马厩的话,你现在可以重建它
  • 温泉将不会在暂停时还恢复你的体力(在steam平台上)
  • 修复星露谷展览会上的钓鱼游戏的问题
  • 修复各种稳定性问题


Stardew Valley 1.02 was released 27 February 2016.

  • If you never received your pet, you will now have another opportunity.
  • When you go to sleep, the game now checks if any of your essential tools are missing. If so, they will appear next to your bed in the morning.
  • The game now properly saves on level-up nights.
  • Eating skill food and then going to bed on a level-up night works properly now.
  • Fixed problem where completing the Crafts Room while standing in certain locations causes your character to get stuck.
  • Player character should now walk correctly while in a cutscene after drinking coffee.
  • Removed an item duplication exploit.
  • Forage items should no longer spawn in the woods above the beach.
  • Fixed Crab Pot problem (again).
  • Fixed exploding armchair bug.
  • Relaxing in the spa with your menu up no longer restores energy.
  • Removed Leah's doppelganger.
  • Debris should no longer spawn in the pathway between farm & forest.
  • Fixed disappearing tapper problem.
  • Fixed a few minor graphics problems & dialogue typos.
  • Other minor issues (spoilers).
  • Tools being upgraded no longer erroneously considered "missing".
  • Clay duplication bug fixed.
  • Pet cutscene won't refer to the "cat" as a "dog" anymore.
  • Leah's 10-heart event fixed.
  • Pepper Popper recipe now requires cheese.


Stardew Valley 1.01 was released 26 February 2016.

  • Fixed random crash when going to sleep after getting your pet.
  • Sound effect volume now properly applied on load.
  • 'Error item' should no longer appear for sale in the Saloon.
  • Z
    key is now bind-able.
  • No longer possible to exit the Community Center menus while holding an item.
  • Finding your first artifact from a geode no longer destroys remaining held geodes.
  • Mature wild crops no longer disappear on day of load.
  • Crab pots can now be placed and removed without issue.
  • Fixed crash when inspecting chests in the mines.
  • You can no longer place chests in the mines.
  • Tree seeds no longer incorrectly show a "Wrong Season" message.
  • Fixed some map issues.


星露谷物语1.0于2016年2月26日发布。 Stardew Valley 1.0 was on 26 February 2016.