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Strange Capsule

Hi, Margotbean. I think that we need a separate page for Strange Capsule. Because the word "Strange Capsule" refers to the furniture and the random event. I don't find the reason why using redirection in the Strange Capsule page according to the talk pages. And the furniture infobox is more intuitional than the random events page. Horizon98讨论) 2021年5月12日 (三) 18:45 (UTC)

In use Template

I just want to say that wikipedia has similar template to help avoid edit conflicts: wikipedia:Template:In use. Horizon98讨论) 2021年5月18日 (二) 18:41 (UTC)

about Template:Infobox artifact

Long time no see. :D

While editing Dwarf Gadget, I noticed that the line for the donation item in Template:Infobox artifact does not display properly.

|dr= 'Burnt Offering'.png 《烧焦的祭品》 BolingH讨论) 2021年6月14日 (一) 04:32 (UTC)
Hi, most pages of 古物 are created by HsuanChu in 2017. However, the Template:Infobox artifact was not created until 2018. So these pages are all using Template:Infobox and need to be updated. When I have spare time, I'll help update these pages. Horizon98讨论) 2021年6月14日 (一) 13:19 (UTC)
Thanks. BolingH讨论) 2021年6月15日 (二) 04:01 (UTC)

Moving pages

Hi, could you help move 模组:常见任务 to 模组:常用方法 ? I have talked with this page's author on the page 模组 talk:常用方法. Or could you allow common editors to move pages on zh wiki? There may be other pages need to be moved in the future because of translation's changes. Thanks! Horizon98讨论) 2021年6月24日 (四) 11:00 (UTC)

Page has been moved and links have been updated. margotbean讨论) 2021年6月24日 (四) 15:54 (UTC)
Thanks for your work! Horizon98讨论) 2021年6月24日 (四) 15:55 (UTC)

About windows

BolingH讨论) 2021年6月28日 (一) 06:50 (UTC): Hi, although the word "windows" has the meaning of "窗口" in Chinese, there is no furniture that is called "Window" in English that uses the name "窗口" in Chinese.

So the Chinese translation of the following entries(乘船口,雕刻窗口 and 华丽窗口) is wrong. I will redirect later.

From the Data\Furniture.zh-CN.json, the Boarded Window is translated to 封上的窗户, and the Carved Window is translated to 木雕窗户. Maybe it's better to follow the in-game translation. :D Horizon98讨论) 2021年6月28日 (一) 09:54 (UTC)
Your suggestion has been applied and the link to the English wiki has been updated.BolingH讨论) 2021年6月28日 (一) 13:32 (UTC)


So I start the template talk here as you said on my talkpage.

The en:Template:For used italic type to distinguish the template's sentence from normal words. While in Chinese, italic type is very weird and we avoid using it. For example: 星露谷物语 V.S. Stardew Valley. Chinese wikipedia also says that italic type shouldn't be used to emphasize according to Manual of Style/Text formatting. But normal type can't emphasize the disambiguation template. And the boldface also looks weird. So I refered to the Chinese wikipedia's template: About, and I found that using an disambiguation image to emphasize is not a bad idea. Then I uploaded the image and update the zh template.

That's why I updated the template. Looking forward to your reply! Horizon98讨论) 2021年6月29日 (二) 08:31 (UTC)

The template uses indentation to distinguish itself from the rest of the text, at the top of an article. So, the template can stay as it is and get its point across. Next time, start a discussion before making template changes. I'm growing weary of telling you this. margotbean讨论) 2021年6月29日 (二) 08:55 (UTC)
I know this. But using indentation is not enough clearly to distinguish the template, at least for me. The Chinese wikipedia also added images to the template. I think it's a proof that many people also think those images help distinguish the template. To say the least, adding an image in the template doesn't have bad influence.
I think it's not a large edit and it only influences 17 pages. Besides, after I starting a talk before making changes to the template, who would reply to me? You refused to talk manny times or provided unhelpful replies such as admin's consideration or not doing this without a specific reason sometimes.
Looking forward to your reply. Horizon98讨论) 2021年6月29日 (二) 09:32 (UTC)
If you know you are violating wiki policy, why do you keep doing it? Do you want to be temporarily or permanently banned? I don't understand.
If you had started a discussion before changing the template, I would have provided input. If my answer is "no", then that is not an invitation to argue the point, it is the final decision. Attempting to circumvent the process (again) violates wiki policy, and doesn't accomplish anything other than irritating wiki staff.
You could be a huge asset to the wiki by updating and translating pages. Please concentrate your efforts there, and engage in discussions before making changes that affect all wikis. Thank you, margotbean讨论) 2021年6月29日 (二) 13:22 (UTC)
Then how about en:Talk:Crop Growth Calendars#Using module to replace this page, en:User talk:Margotbean#Apply for the permission to edit module pages and some other talks? I had started discussions before making changes in the past, and then? Yes, you replied, but the replies didn't give further reason why you refused to make changes, even though you have read the talkpages. And like those talks, you still haven't given practical reasons in this talk.
On the other hand, what I have done is to improve the wiki and make wikipages more readable to common users. I think it's also a contribution to the wiki apart from tanslating and updating pages. I don't think I have violated the wiki policy except for the template part. But the policy doesn't says that I'll be banned for this. Besides, what I have done doesn't disrupt the wiki.
I just don't understand why you refuse to make a change which doesn't harm the wiki and makes it better. Anyway, it's admirable to maintain such a wiki for such a long time and I know it's hard to insist for years. Horizon98讨论) 2021年6月29日 (二) 14:28 (UTC)

about Bone Sword

Level lowered from 10 to 5 and sell price lowered from {{price|500}} to {{price|250}}.
Do you know exactly what the above statement means? BolingH讨论) 2021年7月3日 (六) 06:56 (UTC)
I have updated the translation :) Horizon98讨论) 2021年7月3日 (六) 07:32 (UTC)
Thanks BolingH讨论) 2021年7月3日 (六) 08:53 (UTC)

Translation of Mainpage

The "|description" of SEO part in Stardew Valley Wiki was translated by machine which has a poor quality. It should be updated. Here's a new translation:


Thanks. Horizon98讨论) 2021年7月11日 (日) 15:01 (UTC)

Updated, thank you, margotbean讨论) 2021年7月12日 (一) 13:59 (UTC)

Ginger Island

In version 1.5, the biggest change in the game is the addition of Ginger Island, but I noticed that the mainpage of the wiki does not have the category of Ginger Island, which brings some inconvenience to some users. If you have free time, I hope you can modify the template of the main page to include Ginger Island. thank you very much! Sorry for my poor English, most of the above is from Google Translate, I hope you can understand!

Yi Xin讨论)致力于万众星海! 2022年4月13日 (三) 09:27 (UTC)

Hello Yi Xin! Your English is perfect (unfortunately, my Chinese is not). I am frequently asked this question, in almost every language 😄 I know it is a change that people want. I think I will add Ginger Island to the main page after v1.5 is released on mobile devices. Until then, it is a major "spoiler" (剧透内容).
Thank you very much for your hard work in translating the wiki! I appreciate it very much!
Google translate (how bad is it?):
伊欣你好!你的英语很完美(不幸的是,我的中文不是)。我经常被问到这个问题,几乎每种语言都问我😄我知道这是人们想要的改变。我想我会在移动设备上发布 v1.5 后将姜岛添加到主页。在那之前,它是一个主要的“剧透”。
Happy farming! margotbean讨论) 2022年4月13日 (三) 16:07 (UTC)

A mistake about today

Hi Margotbean. Thank you so much for being able to answer my question last time, it's an honor for me to contribute to the wiki. Unfortunately, today I made a mistake when adding an entry called "Shop Schedules": please listen to me. Today I found that this entry was vacant in Chinese Wiki, I filled it. However, because I had been translating for two consecutive hours, I was too tired, so I entrusted a friend of mine to help me complete the translation (his ID is Ksr112233‎), but due to my negligence, my friend opened a new one. Duplicate entry, so you may find two identical entries in today's check (one has been translated and the other is not), I hope you can delete the untranslated entry (I should not have permission to delete). We hope for your understanding for this mistake. Thank you so much!

Also, I translated "Shop Schedules" to "营业时间表" which seems to be causing an issue with a link between a wiki in a different language. I hope you can check to see if there is such a problem, and if so, I hope you can correct it. Forgive my lack of some grammar knowledge on the wiki. I will learn from this mistake and avoid the next one.

Looking forward to your reply, it's important to me because I'm afraid I'll have a bad influence on the wiki. Once again I apologize for my mistake this time, I hope you can understand!

Yi Xin讨论)致力于万众星海! 2022年4月15日 (五) 14:16 (UTC)

Hello Yi Xin! All is well, you did fine, and your friend did fine too. Normally I must change all links in other languages when a page name changes, but your friend did almost all of them for me. (They forgot Japanese and Korean - oops!) Not a problem at all. Thank you for your work, and your kindness. And thanks to Ksr112233 also. You're doing very well, remember that it takes time to learn mediawiki syntax. And I always appreciate a better translation for pages that have no official translation in the game. All the best to you, margotbean讨论) 2022年4月15日 (五) 16:06 (UTC)

Sorry for my casual translation

Hi,Margotbean.I'm sorry for my casual translation.I think that could add some fun to the translation.From now on I'll correct these mistakes.By the way,about the link,it's just a habit.Since I started translating stardew valley's wiki,I add "#" behind the link.Hope you can understand.I'll try to correct this habit.have a nice day!不知则不蕴讨论) 2022年4月19日 (二) 23:56 (UTC)

Thank you very much, and have a good day too! margotbean讨论) 2022年4月20日 (三) 17:14 (UTC)