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Ginger Island

希望将1.5更新的姜岛页面加到主页的山谷栏目中。小叶讨论) 2021年7月12日 (一) 02:47 (UTC)

中午好,这部分由模板Template:Mainmenu控制,只能由管理员User:Margotbean修改,但是他不会中文,所以最好用英语交流。各语言维基的这部分内容是同步修改的,管理员的英文讨论页上已经有了相关讨论:en:User Talk:Margotbean#Desert Trader on main page,也有人更新了该模板en:User:Zendowolf/Sandbox/MainMenu,但是管理员没有进一步回复。 Horizon98讨论) 2021年7月12日 (一) 03:43 (UTC)

首页的部分翻译建议更改(Request to Change Translation)

首页右侧边栏“资源”部分指向"Stardew Valley planner"链接旁的中文文字建议改为“可交互农场规划器”而非“互动农场计划”。
Text beside the link directing to "Stardew Valley planner" on the Chinese homepage should be “可交互农场规划器” instead of “互动农场计划”.Hugh讨论) 2022年1月16日 (日) 06:01 (UTC)

Done! Thank you for the translation! margotbean讨论) 2022年1月16日 (日) 15:00 (UTC)

Suggested text and formatting adjustment

In the index page, the current translation and formatting of the "Resources"(资源) section is very strange, I've adjusted it and the expected result is as follows.

House (tier 1).png 农场规划器 (

Stardew Checkup Icon.png 进度检查器 (

Ancient Fruit.png 利润计算器 (

In this template, the word "于" is missing from the line where the PC version is located.

Sizau讨论) 2022年8月17日 (三) 21:47 (UTC)

Updated, thank you! margotbean讨论) 2022年8月18日 (四) 18:28 (UTC)

Translation Suggest


星露谷物语是一个开放式的牧场类 RPG 游戏。你继承了爷爷在星露谷中的农场,但是你手头上只有最基础的农具和少许的金钱,你得靠此开始你的新生活。你能适应这里的生活,把这片杂草丛生的荒地变成一个繁荣的家园吗?这并不简单。自从 Joja 公司来到了小镇,村民们的生活方式受到了巨大的冲击。社区中心,这个小镇曾经最活跃的地方,如今却破烂不堪。然而山谷里充满了机会,只要你肯努力,就能够让星露谷恢复以往的繁荣!

Notes: RPG - 角色扮演游戏. It doesn't matter whether it is translated or not.


Day Cycle - use 游戏内时间 or 时间周期, nobody calls it 日周期, it's unpopular and kinda weird.

The Valley - use 星露谷 or 山谷, for some reasons (more of habits), 物语 is a word to describe country-life RPG games in Chinese.

Beyond The Valley - use 星露谷之外 or 山谷之外.

(No one mentions it, guess the navigation is really rarely used)

Sizau讨论) 2023年2月9日 (四) 08:00 (UTC)

I've changed day cycle to 游戏内时间 (and changed the links in all languages). As for the rest, the game is described as "a country-life RPG" in all languages. The name of the game is 星露谷物语. So, I'm not sure your proposed changes are necessary. The headings on the main page should say "Stardew Valley" and "Beyond Stardew Valley" in Chinese. Given that information, is it still a problem? margotbean讨论) 2023年2月9日 (四) 18:28 (UTC)
In the "About" section above, I've fixed some of the language errors. As for the game name, simply put, Stardew = 星露, Valley = 谷. The translation of the game is actually somewhat influenced by series Story of Seasons (ZH: 牧场物语), after which "物语" is very commonly used in the translation of this type of game name. Without adding "物语", looking at the name "星露谷" alone, players do not know what type of game this is. The original translation of the game name was supposed to take into account this influence, it is also possible that the translation was adopted because the content of the game is similar. Sizau讨论) 2023年2月9日 (四) 19:21 (UTC)

Logo is too wide

The logo on the home page is too wide that the image on the right side might overflow.

[[File:Main Logo ZH.png|580px|center|link=]]

Currently it's 580px wide. Please consider making it less wide, say, 456px on English wiki. @margotbean

--Stevenlele讨论) 2023年11月25日 (六) 15:33 (UTC)

A Small Translation Suggestion

It doesn't really matter but I found that the word "open-ended" of the introduction of this game is not mentioned in language Chinese page. Instead the first sentence of the intro could be "星露谷物语是一个开放式牧场类的RPG游戏。" where the word "开放式" is added. At the same time, there are more small details of the translation of this section that might be better (of course, with the same meaning as the EN version) if we focus on it a bit more. I'm not sure if that is necessary. --你好你好👋讨论) 2024年1月26日 (五) 05:01 (UTC)


灰机上的星露谷物语wiki因为权限问题(应该是),已经停止维护了。目前我找到了这里,有没有官方的QQ群可以方便交流的? Z2001jx讨论) 2024年3月22日 (五) 11:34 (UTC)

247516434 Z2001jx讨论) 2024年4月1日 (一) 14:43 (UTC)


企鹅就是想把这游戏雪藏,老传统了,它在让你失望这方面从来没有让你失望过。 Z2001jx讨论) 2024年3月29日 (五) 15:34 (UTC)